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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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Hey now most of you know I don't usually stray from horror and things surrounding that genre. But I recently got the opportunity to see a brand new Sports film called McFarland, USA, in theaters (thanks Moviepilot), and it was actually a really incredible movie!

Going in, I definitely didn't think too much of what I was about to see, just another Sports drama about a group of kids who can't play a specific sport. Then the superhero coach comes in and turns the team into undefeated powerhouse, but it was a whole lot more than that. It actually started stirring up some minor emotions (sniff, sniff).

Now on to the actual movie, McFarland is about a coach (Kevin Costner) who ends up teaching at a primarily Latino high school. And while trying to make himself comfortable at his new school, he discovers that some of his students actually have a pretty profound running ability. So he forms a team of unlikely runners to create a championship worthy cross-country team. As a result of the formation of this team, all of the members, including the coach, grow closer as they endure their ups and downs on the way to victory.

I personally loved this movie from the writing, to the acting, to even the main story. The director (Niki Caro) captures the beauty of the real story so that it translates onscreen into what I'm sure will be the best sports film of 2015.

Max Nicholson, a writer from IGN put it best when he said this, ''Disney's McFarland, USA treads familiar territory, the true story upon which it is based captures the heart and soul of the American Dream''.

McFarland, USA Is Out Now. GO CHECK IT OUT!


Will YOU Go To See McFarland, USA?

Did You Know?

  • The film is based on the true story of Jim White, who landed in McFarland, California, in 1987 by receiving a coaching job at McFarland High School in California's Central Valley. A lot of the students there come from families of field workers, with some of the teens following in their parents footsteps.

  • Kevin Costner attended Mt. Whitney High School for a year in the city of Visalia . Which is located 40 miles north of McFarland .

  • On Canadian TV the movie title is shown as simply "McFarland", dropping the "USA".

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