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Zac Perry

With more Deadpool announcements coming such as plot details and casting news there are still rumors that the film will have a PG-13 rating. Now. Let me tell you why that's a terrible idea.

Yes , if a film is PG-13 the target audience widens massively. Teenagers then could go view the film. But would you rather see an adaptation that is largely faithful to the source material or a watered down murk with a mouth.

Remember Expendables 3 ? Which was intended to be MA-15 but studio interruption meant that scenes where cut and the rating was lowed to a PG-13. More and more studios are interrupting with the directors vision and source material.

Deadpool while it can go the easy route ; PG-13 , watered down violence , minimal swearing , angry fans , happy bank account. It could also go the unique route where there is every thing that the comics have and more , yes it is a monumental risk but I think it could be worth it. Then again some risks didn't turn out so well ...

Yes you could cinema release the film at PG-13 then make the Blu-Ray have a R version just to please the fans and the studio , but what does that achieve , that will only give the studios more confidence in that they have ultimate control of a film.

Deadpool needs to be R otherwise the murk with the mouth is lost , the character will fall flat and the humor will be dull.

And now I leave you with a quote from Rob Liefield a comic artist

"Fox will make the determination as to what they are shooting for, and everyone else will comply. I grew up with blockbuster R-rated films, so that's always my preference. But I'm also as painful a realist as possible, and there are less and less R-rated action films each year. Bottom line, the studio makes that call..."


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