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Carter Gonzalez

My name is Carter Gonzalez and I was born in 1995 the same year Season 2 of SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron aired on Television. I've never even heard of this show, then years later I was watching videos on YouTube and I watched a fan version opening to "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" and when I saw the SWAT Kats, I've decided to watch the episodes. Thankfully I've caught reruns of the show on Boomerang, after a few episodes I've became a fan of the show just like that. I wanted more of the Show, so I've typed up SWAT Kats and read a few FanFictions, Fan art and many more things. I've went to Barnes and Noble and asked them if I can buy SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron the complete series from their Stock warehouse, because they didn't have it in the store. So I had to wait two weeks, I was losing my patience slowly, then on Friday as I was walking to the front gate I saw a Vanilla envelope with my name and address on it, then I realized it's here. I was so happy like I was the Birthday boy who got that thing he wanted really badly, I screamed so loud that my crazy neighbor fell off her porch. I ran into my house with my package as if my life depended on it; ripped the envelope open, cooked two bags of popcorn with a big bottle of Ice Cold Dr. Pepper and popped that sucker in my DVD Player. and watched all five DVD's. I loved it so much that during my Senior Year of High School I would take a few DVD's to school with me because during my first period was Earth and Space Class, My teacher was so cool, that we could do whatever we want in his class so I went to a Computer and watched T-Bone and Razor while eating Breakfast which was Hot Dog and Bacon Sandwich, or whatever I had in my bag and In my Seventh Period which was a Special Class which was the last class before you got to go home, I would write FanFictions about the SWAT Kats and Crossovers with them, every time before the bell rings I would pull out my Ipod, but my ear buds in and Play "Highway to the Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins" and when the bell rung, I would say "BINGO!" I would also listen to my Ipod and find some music that would go great with the SWAT Kats. "Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC" "Highway to Hell by AC/DC" and the list went on. Today I live at my house and writing my stories about the SWAT Kats in my journal and I'm going to try and start a petition on making people bring the Show back.


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