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Hi My name is Luis Santos and I am a big fan of the cartoon series Young Justice on Cartoon Network.I'm a huge fan that I was very sad when the series ended on Cartoon Network and when it ended I began to hear there was going to be a season 3 but Cartoon Network cancelled it because of the real purpose that was for people to buy Action Figure of the series but it wasn't going to hot unfortunately. Sooo time came and go and then I heard about The Nightwing Series by Ismahawk which by the way BIG SHOUT OUT TO HIM and also about The Red Hood Web Series by LLPros ™ which I can't wait for when it cames out (By the way please help him rise money for the series on Kickstarter) any ways I thought and thought and THOUGHT about it and came to a agreedment I'M GOING TO MAKE A YouTube Young Justice Series at first I said maybe I'll do a New 52 Teen Titans series but by the official announcement of the TNT Teen Titans I didn't want people to think the wrong thing about the New 52 Teen Titans Teaser Trailer if I made one.

Any ways I also thought well it would be cool to be a Robin but mmmm Dick Grayson is already taken Jason Todd is already a taken but who isn't taken TIM DRAKE yes sir I'll be taking on the role of Tim Drake because I thought well Teen Titans and Young Justice both have Tim Drake but They'll already be a Teen Titans Series so I'll make a Young Justice Series instead my series will be based on the season Young Justice Invasion.But by doing that I am also at risk like Ismahawk at the being of his Nightwing series BY COPY RIGHT AND OTHER STUFF I CANT MENTION That is my only fear. See I don't to make the series for money I want to make it for fun all though I will start a Kickstarter for people to help me out of little things such as Props and Suit Materials.

I am going to say that I'm currently as you're reading this 13 years old I'm in Jr High and I'll be going to High School soon enough THATS WHEN I'M GOING TO MAKE THE SERIES First I'll make a Teaser Trailer Early into High School then I'm going to release a official trailer later on that's when I be looking for people who are interested in join my series in high school I'll be asking friends that I know and friends that I will know if they want to be apart of this project and fill in a role then later on I'll be cracking on designing the suits for them and then I'll be saying on my Twitter/Instragram/Facebook any social media when the OFFICIAL RELASE DATE OF THE SERIES IS But I will also be posting pictures on how the costumes are coming along and props and etc.....This might seem like a lot of work but it's all going to be worth it to see a Live Action Young Justice Series and what I can do tell you is I'll will be posting videos when I make them every Friday so Saturday and Sunday you can chill and watch my series :b ......... Any ways I took much of your time Sorry for that just wanted to spread the word. Any ways I am Luis Santos 13 Years Old and I will make a Young Justice Live Action Series Soon.....Thank You


Excited for my YouTube Young Justice Series :D


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