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Hashtag Unite The Seven; That is what's written in the picture posted by Zach Snyder last night added with "There is only one true king" when he decided to bless us with a peak to what the iconic Aquaman will look like. To be honest at first I didn't see the pic from Zach's twitter page, and my first reaction was "meeh, probably a fan made." But when I took a second look and I was fascinated to how good the art that was created, then I realized it was real. No one is that good to create a fan poster like that.

Jason Momoa was born to play this character, his roots background fits in the character, the look, I can't see someone else portrays an iconic King Arthur of Atlantis. Its said Jason Momoa will appear in the upcoming movie Batman V Superman; Dawn Of Justice as king Arthur Curry known as Aquaman on March 25, 2016 also in his solo movie later on. To know more about him and his tattoo and armor, best explanation here

Aquaman is one of the seven members of Justice League that in the back years people really have never paid much attention to, but he is as just important to the league as the other main seven members. Always seemed to be like a background character, not relevant. People forget his powers and strong input he brings to the league. Just as of lately people start to notice him to who he is. Director and film creator Zach Snyder is going to change how people knew and viewed Aquaman. He is relevant.

Last month, a Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis movie came out and it has told a clear background story of who is Aquaman is and came to be. I would recommend strongly to get yourself a copy and know him. DC have been set this universe from a start to bring out all its characters to light one by one and all I can see is bring out more. I will leave with this... Next character should be Martian Manhunter.


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