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Timmy Curran

It has been in the news this past week that writer/director Don Mancini is working on the script for the next movie, the follow up to 2013's Curse of Chucky. This is certainly no surprise to a die hard fan much like myself.

There is some information that has not been spoken of in any of these "news" posts, but I am here to tell you something special. During a Q&A following the midnight screening of Bride of Chucky last October, it was confirmed that a script was in the works. So why post news about it now? I can't speak for other publishers, but I've dug a little deeper. During this Q&A, Don had also expressed that in part 7, a few characters from past installments of the franchise will be returning. Speculation quickly turned to Alex Vincent and his Character Andy, among others. No official word has been given as to who will be returning, and I'm sure we won't find out until we are sitting down getting ready to watch the new film. Which brings me to the other unspoken piece of information. Mancini recently said (in conversation) to a fan over Facebook that we could be seeing this movie sooner rather than later. Don had voluntarily gave the information of a "hopefully 2016" release. "Hopefully" being the key word of the sentence.

So there you have it. FINALLY some new information that hasn't already been released months ago like what there other news writers/bloggers have fed you guys recently.


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