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Greetings fellow Aqua Fans!

Today we were treated to the first pic of Jason Momoa decked out as the King of the Seven Seas Aquaman as he will appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League and Aquaman.

Unite the Seven a phrase I've been hearing a lot today. Many have linked it to the seven seas and the seven members of the justice league. Also could be a hint at Aquaman the film or even the seven ancient Atlantean artifacts the Aquaman and his team The Others have used threw the New 52.

Now lets talk about the man himself. First the look is a clear throw back to the 90's bearded hooked hand Aquaman minus the hook. Also it seems this Aquaman will be seriously inked up. Looking to the pic we see the classic scale mail has been turned partial into a tattoo. Compared to the bright orange scale shirt the new look incorporates armor looking very much like Injustice Aquaman's armor. The tattoos according to Momoa are very symbolic to the Polynesian culture. Arrows representing shark teeth and spear heads. He even said his families totem spirit is a shark. Knowing the skills of Aquaman makes this even more appropriate. His belt buckle looks to be jumping from the pages of the comics as is the trident.

That is not the only change.

Many are crying in light of the blond and blue eyes being changed. Now originally his origin is of his human father Tom Curry falling in love with his mother Atlanna. This gave him a dual nature of being of the surface and the underwater kingdom. Now in 1989 he recieved a revamp origin making him the son of Atlanna and a sorcerer named Atlan he was also renamed from Arthur Curry to Orin. ALso this is where the mythos of the blond hair being a negative omen came from. New 52 retconned the origin back to half human. As such his hair color is not important.

Classic Aquaman differs from the DCCU.
Classic Aquaman differs from the DCCU.

Overall i like the look. It has a new 52 meets 90's look and it really is a good look and it truly shows how amazing Jason looks.

Now who will we see next? We have seen Superman(Henry Cavil), Batman(Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman( Gal Gadot) and now Aquaman(Jason Momoa).

Will we see Ezra Miller as the Flash? Ry Fisher's Cyborg? The reveal of who is Green Lantern? Lex Luthor? Heck will we find out who the mystery characters are?


So what do we think Aqua this an awesome Aquaman


Who do you think we will see next?


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