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Yes , rejoice ,Spiderman is finally back at Marvel Studios, finally we will be able to see Spiderman get justice. This is amazing I cant believe the news , this will be the biggest movie for Marvel Studios , this can't possibly fail. Or can it ?

Don't get me wrong I enjoy Spiderman , Sam Rami's films are enjoyable to watch , as are the new remakes ( even thought there not the greatest ) but as the news that Spiderman has joined the MCU and Sony have given up the rights ponders through my mind I began to thought , what if this is not such a great move. After years of wishing that I could see Spidey team up with the Hulk on the big screen , or listening to the conversations between him and Iron Man , my opinions have changed and now I will list why Spiderman entering the MCU isn't good news and Spidey should have stayed at Sony.

Another Switch ?

Oh Boy , another set of characters that I have to learn about. Does anyone actually want to meet a new Uncle Ben and Aunt May and want to sit through getting to know the new characters or actors portrayal. Same goes for Spiderman - While I found Andrew Garfield to be a perfect Spiderman , with just the right amount of wit and charm ,he lacked the simple Peter Parker skills that Tobey Maguire mastered so well. I was happy with both Maguire and Garfield on screen , but thank goodness I didn't get too attached because a switch was bound to come and now I will see yet another actors portrayal , something that I am getting tired of.

Pushes back other , more exciting films.

We have had our fair share of Spidey , between the 5 feature length films a lot of cartoon appearances and a few games. Where as new exciting character such as Black Panther or Captain Marvel we have seen 0 feature films with those characters , no games , and minimal cartoon appearances so audiences who are not familiar with the comics probably have never heard of Black Panther before which is upsetting because Black Panther is such a rich , deep and interesting character with so much to explore. Sadly with the announcement of the Untitled Spiderman film these more exciting films have been pushed back. So instead of a new character we seen Spiderman for the 6th time.

Marvel needs diversity

Could you name a strong female lead character in the MCU other than Black Widow ? Could you name a strong male lead African american character in the MCU other than Nick Fury ? The answer is no. While Marvel may have set up Iron Man , Captain America and most other characters they are lacking strong female and racially diverse characters that can hold a film. So with Spiderman coming to the MCU it is yet another focus on a strong white protagonist. If Marvel don't begin changing they will soon come under heavy fire for the lack of diversity in both genders and races.

Marvel is independent without Spidey

The MCU officially begun in 2008 with Iron Man 1 has had a consistent release of films for 8 years without Spiderman and majority of the films stand on their own without Spiderman. Without X-Men , Spiderman or The Fantastic Four , Marvel took B list characters who were not universally known into household names. They were independent without the characters that everyone knew. Marvel exceeded at that.

He Will become a distraction

Civil War was supposed to be the Iron Man Captain American team up / versus not the Iron Man Capta- Oh MY God Its Spiderman , I want to see more Spiderman movie!. This is not all he will distract from , eventually characters will get forgotten , you can only have so many characters in one film and that one extra character in the Avengers may cross the line , if there is too much Spiderman we miss out on Hulk or Nick Fury or Hawkeye , well no one really cares if we miss Hawkeye.

Marvel has to fail soon

Everyone makes mistakes. Marvel has yet not. Spiderman may be the film that falls flat. With there previous track record showing that Marvel is fully capable , most of the time ( Iron Man 2 & 3 ) , Marvel is bound to fail any time soon. ( Not wishing failure upon them )

Another Origin ...

More origin , because everyone wants to know how Spiderman got his powers AGAIN. If Marvel was smart they would skip the origin. But that does not sell tickets , does it ?


So there you go , my two cents on why I am no longer happy about Spideys move to Marvel. Please let me know if you disagree or agree.

Apologies , still new at this.


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