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Not that Cudmore or Colossus had ever been anything more than rumor as part of Deadpool, but when I heard the rumors I got excited. It's always fun to have cameos, sidekicks or just characters that we already know, so naturally I started hoping that Colossus was genuinely appearing in some way in our 2016 Deadpool film!

One thing I learned from [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) last year was that sidekicks can make our superhero movies much more fun! Part of the fun, and charm, of CA:WS was the relationship between between Cap and Black Widow. Both of them are are so uniquely different, but their mutual hatred of Hydra gave them the same goals and forced them together. I loved their interaction, it added some great dialogue and some new depth to both characters. Using this formula for other superhero movies we can bring greater success into the solo movies of superhero franchises including [Deadpool](movie:38663)! He's known as the "Merc with a Mouth," well he needs someone to talk to!

With well known Colossus out of the picture here are my list of new mutants who would make amazing potential sidekicks to our awesome mercenary:


Probably the most obvious first choice so let's get it out of the way....but Cable is a mutant that fans are dying to see. There's a very good chance we'll see the time-traveler in X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016, but because he's a time traveler he can appear in Apocalypse, which takes place in the '80s, and then still be in a Deadpool movie which (presumably) takes place in the present, or future timeline we saw at the end of Days of Future Past.
Deadpool and Cable have a long history, and have teamed up on several occasions, even having their own series Cable and Deadpool in 2004. The two became a popular pair among fans not only because of their banter, but because of how completely opposite they were from each other that their pairing really seemed to work. Similar to how Black Widow and Cap played off each other.
If we don't get to see Cable in Apocalypse or Deadpool I'm going to be very disappointed. I'm very ready for him to join his rightful place among our mutant team!


Blink was a great addition to DOFP last year. Although she didn't play a huge part in the story, she made a great addition to the final fight scene between the X-Men and the Sentinels. It would be pretty sweet to see a fight scene where she's throwing portals and Deadpool is jumping through them to appear above his enemies with a quick one-liner as he stabs them through the neck!
She's a beautiful actress, and I know that her contract was for several X-Men movies, whether that means they'll use them all is always up in the air, but I'm still hoping we haven't seen the last of her, and a male/female duo for Deadpool would be really fun!


Sam Guthrie has teamed up with both Cable and Deadpool in their miniseries, and it would be about time for this long standing X-Men to show up in a movie! Sam is in a unique situation where he is the oldest of six children, all of whom are mutants and all end up at Xavier's Institute.
Guthrie has a really great arc in the comics as his character grows from aggressive, rebellious teen to mentor at the Institute, and not only to his younger siblings, but to all of the remaining mutants. He even has recently joined the Avengers as a joint union to re-brand the mutants to the human public.


While I think we can expect Angel to show up in the form of Apocalypse's Horsemen Archangel next year, it'll be very exciting to see what happens to the character after being rescued by the X-Men. Will he stay and join the team or disappear to potentially return somewhere down the road?
If the Deadpool film takes place in the '90s or even late '80s, we could see a young Angel attempting to redeem himself for the damage he caused as Archangel. Even if the film takes place in the future timeline we could see an adult Angel as he's worked through his problems and become a strong individual in the mutant community.


I feel like I just can't talk about these kids enough! I've mentioned by hope for them to appear in movies often in my posts. They have such a wide array of abilities and my original hope that they'll appear in their own film in the X-Men future as students with Jean, Colossus, Xavier, Iceman, Storm and others seems less and less likely as time goes on. Daniel Cudmore who plays Colossus, and Shawn Ashmore who play Iceman - let's face it - can't be that busy! Let's get them on board to keep their characters alive and watch them tutor this diverse set of teens!

We've got Surge, their unofficial leader, who can harness and control electricity. Hellion, the pretty bad boy who is an extremely powerful telekinetic. Mercury, who's body is made up of an organic metal and can twist and re-shape into virtually anything. X-23, or Laura, a young female clone of Wolverine also with a healing factor, and claws in both hands AND both feet; Rockslide, the team's muscle, who's body is made of organic rock. He can take his body apart and re-build it at will using the terrain found around him. Anole, the gay green kid (hello diversity!) who has a lizard like body and powers that include camouflage, pre-hensile tongue, wall claiming and limited regeneration ability, including re-growing limbs similar to how a lizard re-grows it's tail. Dust, a female Muslim character who can turn into a dust or sand cloud. She's used this ability to take down helicopters, and rip the flesh right off her enemies' bones. And finally, Pixie, with her butterfly wings she can fly, and also teleport the team anywhere. She also has an ability to create pheromones which gives her limited control over those around her.

See?! Don't they deserve their own movie? I'll settle for one or two of them showing up as Deadpool's sidekicks least for now.

So there you have it! Deadpool is officially slated for February 2016. Two years away. We've already heard that Morena Baccarin has been cast for the film in an unknown role connected to Deadpool in a presumably romantic way. Will she be a mutant from the comics? Time will tell, and I'm sure we'll continue to hear snippets of casting and storyline teases as 2015 progresses and they start filming later this year.


Who would you like to see team up with Deadpool?


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