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Russell James Olmstead

In 1995 Bryan Singer and Christopher McQuarrie released a film called "The Usual Suspects" If you haven't seen it, the film is about five guys pinned the robbery of a gun shipment. While in jail, one of the suspects, Michael McManus, played by Stephen Baldwin, tells his cohorts about a shipment of jewels that he's planning to steal and asks for their help. After leaving police custody, the five leave for L.A and meet McManus' contact who tells them of another heist. They pull off the heist and to their dismay, the job was to steal cocaine, not jewels, as they were led to believe. McManus' contact tells them that the job was set up by a lawyer named Kobayashi. They demand a meeting with the mystery man, who unexpectedly approaches them and tells them that the job was set up by his employer, a mysterious man named Keyser Söze. Kobayashi tells them that he has intimate knowledge of their criminal past and that they have all angered his employer at some point or another without even knowing it, and that he'll consider their debts repaid if they destroy $91 million dollars worth of drugs that are going to a rival gang. The five agree and most of them end up dead. All except for Verbal Kint, who tells the cops his long and elaborate tale (one almost as long and elaberate as this article). Meanwhile, another survivor is giving officers a description of Söze. Eventually the police figure out that Kint is Söze, but, by that time Kint is gone.

Flash foward to 2013 and NBC releases the drama "The Blacklist". The story revolves around Raymond Reddington and FBI agent Elizabeth Keen, Reddington is a world class criminal, Keen is a FBI agent wanting to make a name for herself. Reddington obviously has a connection to Keen, but, is reluctant to tell what that connection is. Throughout the show Reddington shows that he has intimate knowledge of most of the members of the team, much like Söze's knowledge of the five thieves. Reddington also shows he has connections all over the world, connections that allow him to avoid certain regulations that would normally stop most people. Reddington also has knowledge of criminals that the FBI and the CIA know nothing about. Söze would also have these sort of connections.

There are a hundred more connections between Söze and Reddington that can be made, but, I think that the most alarming similarity is the fact that Roger Kint and Raymond Reddington look so similar. Both men are balding with a shaved head. Both men have expensive taste and connections that any would be villain would be insanely jealous of, and men working for them in places that allow them access to information most are not privy to. Could it be that Keyser Söze and Raymond Reddington are one and the same? Did NBC just give us continuation in the story of one of the greatest cinematic villains of the 1990's? Or, is this just a conspiracy made up by a deranged mind? Comment below!


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