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Jaleel Geralds

Hey folks, this is something I have been thinking about for a long time and i hope that I'm not the first to bring this up in comic book crowds.

In hip hop there is an artist name MF DOOM. Aka madvillain, JJ DOOM, and plenty of other joint project names. Even king gheedora(point stemming from this). That's him up top. Mask and dark light. He adopted the name from his love of Dr DOOM. He is always mask on when rapping and shows. You never see his real face. Adding to his villain mystique. In his music he has plenty of doom related rhymes and skits paying tribute to him and his character.

Now I bring him up because his music from his actual rapping to his producing could be used in movies. Not just for hip hop but his music in particular in fused with the right projects.

Like fantastic 4. He has dark, grimy, menacing music for a fight with Dr DOOM or even just his entrance to a fight. I would like it even more for when the actor playing transforms into DOOM.

His music represents what DOOM is to the comics in every way. His struggle, the pain, the genius, the evil in it all taht that is actually pretty good in his own way. I would be mad happy if they used his music in the upcoming movie or even the past ones, especially the first.

King ghidora is the greatest monster Godzilla ever faced. MF DOOM has an album Thats all about this monster. What if they used it in a Godzilla movie when he fights or hints at ghidora? It would be so fucking epic.

The best thing about all of this is he might not need to use old music from his discography. DOOM would lobby to make brand new music for all of these movies. I think the studios should ask for this because he would surpass expectations for scoring full movies.

The only reasons I see this never happening are the fact that hip hop music is still growing ever so slowly in movies and the fact that DOOM is so underground, he wouldn't want the mainstream light put on him for the height of movies these would be. Which all of this sucks but we can dream right?

Go listen to MF DOOM and enjoy hip hop. If you agree after listening let me know. Thanks for reading folks.


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