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Ladies and gentlemen, your Guardians of the Galaxy!

Well, maybe not yours, but your kids might end up liking this version of everyone's new favorite team of heroes from Disney. This time they are going, where Marvel has gone many times in the past and heading to the small screen and animated.

So who is the cast?

Star Lord = Will Friedle

Gamora = Vanessa Marshall

Groot = Kevin Michael

Rocket =Trevor Devall

Yando = James Arnold Taylor

Drax = David Sobolov

So what are your thoughts on the cast? Do you know any of these voice actors from cartoons you are currently watching or watched when you were younger? And will you be watching Guardians of the Galaxy when it airs on Disney XD later this year?

Poster for the series
Poster for the series

All rights to 'the Guardians of the Galaxy' belongs to Marvel and its parent company Disney.


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