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Better Call Saul may be a spin off but it does brilliantly stand out on it's own! Conventionally spin-offs have high expectations and most of them fail to deliver but the hardcore Breaking Bad fans like me thought that this series might be going in the similar direction but Vince Gilligan proves you wrong! This series has a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes which tells you that this one is a lot different than Breaking Bad and it's fans will love this series.

Better Call Saul is a spinoff of Breaking Bad, but in its first 3 episodes on the air, it's been blazing its own path. That doesn't mean the show doesn't reference the original series, though — we break down how the new show calls back to Breaking Bad.

There are many references to Breaking Bad in this series out of which some are small and may be missed by most of the viewers. Let me point out the references that I could gather.

Disclaimer: Possible Spoilers!

1. Saul Goodman had predicted that his best case scenario would be to manage Cinnabon and in the first scene of the series he is shown working there.

This scene shows how Saul Goodman lives after the events of Breaking Bad.

2.. Saul Goodman is watching his "Better Call Saul!" ads from Breaking Bad (We just get to hear them though).

He watches those ads just to remember his previous life.

3. The white car that we see when Jimmy get's out of the court is the same one that he (as Saul Goodman) owns in Breaking Bad.

Vince Gilligan has a habit of showing some past references in his shows. (Remember the pants that we see of 1st episode that Walt leaves in the desert and those pants are shown again in the 5th Season when Walt in rolling the money barrel? Probably you might have missed it)

4. Look there's Mike Ehrmantraut!

Mike, Saul Goodman's PI, apart from Salu, is the first recognizable face from Breaking Bad. And we are happy to see this character.

5. The saloon where the "temporary" office of Jimmy is, is the same one that he (as Saul Goodman) offers to sell to Jesse Pinkman for money laundering.

6. Hey that's The Kingpin, Tuco Salamanca!

Remember the first drug lord that Walter encounters with? He is the second major face apart from Saul that we remember from Breaking Bad

7. Hey there's No Doze and Gonzo as well with Tuco! . Also you see the threatening style? The desert and all that tying up?

No Doze is the guy that Tuco beats to death and Gonzo is the fat one who dies when the car falls upon him when he tries to hide No Doze's body.

8. James McGill (Saul Goodman) and Gael Boetticher live in the same neighbourhood!

Remember the address 6353 Juan Tabo? That's Gael's address and James lives on the same road. So we might have a possibility of seeing Gael in the future!

9. The Broken Windshield.

Seems like Vince likes to show broken windshields in his show. Walter had his shield broken many a times and Saul has it here too! The blue tape on the shield is similar.

10. Walt and Jimmy both like to take out their frustrations on inanimate metal objects.

Walt hits the metal towel dispenser and James takes it out on the metal trashcan.

11. You see here the habit of Saul Goodman to call up from a phone-booth when in serious trouble?

PS: Wrongly considered a reference: Heisenberg's hat and jacket: Some people say that the Heisenberg's hat and Jacket are referred to in a scene but I disagree with it. Walter never had that hat till Breaking Bad. So no reason to show his clothes here. I say it's not even a proper jacket and it might be a security guard's uniform! It's this scene I am referring to:


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