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Tonight marked the premiere of Digging Up The Marrow, an unrelenting search for the existence of monsters. The film follows Director Adam Green and longtime friend and Director of Photography Will Barratt, both playing themselves. Actually the only 'actor' is Ray Wise of the legendary Twin Peaks series where he played Laura Palmers father. In Marrow, Wise portrays Detective Dekker who claims to have the proof needed to show the world monsters really do exist.

Green whom also acts on his TV series Holliston, is quite funny and often pokes fun at himself during the film. The founder of Ariescope and co host of the popular Movie Crypt podcast can attribute his fame on the success of his Hatchet trilogy. This series spawned a new, much needed and feared villain, Victor Crowley. Genre fans rejoiced at the gory, graphic, and inventive kill scenes.

But in almost stark contrast to the brutality of the Hatchets, Marrow is a witty, fun, yet emotional journey with Dekker, Green, and Barratt. Taking nearly five years to complete and a few significant personal blows endured by Green, the collaboration can finally reach an audience.

And as a pioneering effort in merging two mediums of art, it deserves an audience. With almost no CGI in the movie, to help ensure artist Alex Pardees conceptual renderings of the monsters stayed true. In 2010, at a Horror convention, Adam Green was signing autographs when a young man approached, handed him a pamphlet, thanked him for inspiration and his work and then proceed to walk away without requesting a photo or signature. Later on Green was able to look over what was in the pages and was impressed. Furthermore knew of the creator Pardee. Alex Pardee had previously done some artwork for the band The Used and is a featured artist for Zerofriends. Soon the two were in contact and brainstorming. And the endeavor known as The Marrow was born. A unique and creative joint effort that spanned half a decade. Earlier this week Green and Pardee along with 'Chicken', a monster from the film and original art from Pardee, went on a snow filled trek from San Francisco, Boston, New York, Austin, and Los Angeles to help promote the film. Typical of hard working and grateful individuals, the two cheerfully engaged in a Q&A following a screening of Marrow. Despite numerous travel woes and no sleep, you can see these guys were having fun and appreciated the support.

You can see if monsters are real too. Digging Up The Marrow is available on VOD and in select theaters.


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