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So recently we got our first look at Jason Momoa's Aquaman (below), courtesy of Zack Snyder, and as I think we all agree, it's pretty badass. But once I'd spent hours analysing every minutiae, I turned my attention to that slogan across the picture: "Unite the Seven":

At first it may seem obvious what it means, but there are actually three viable options that I can think of, so here goes...

1) The 7 members of the Justice League

This is the aforementiioned obvious one and probably the most likely. After all, in the recent New 52 reboot of the Justice League, which Man of Steel took a lot of inspiration from, there are seven original JLA members. Pretty simple, right? I mean, the film is called 'Dawn of Justice'. Well no actually, because Aquaman wasn't on that original team of seven, meaning that if every League member that we officially know about is assembled in Dawn of Justice, there will be eight of them. Which means that someone isn't known about by that stage or Aquaman isn't counting himself. And while it's possible that Cyborg or Green Lantern won't be known about yet, it still opens up the possibility of other options.

2) The seven seas (oceans)

This one is wierd, I don't know how he's meant to unite the seas. Are there different factions of Atlantis spread across the globe that he needs to unite in order to become king? That actually sounds like a pretty awesome idea for his solo movie, or as an alternate take on 'Throne of Atlantis' for Justice League part one. There's no precedent for it in the comic that I know of, but hey, cool ideas are cool, and that's a cool idea. Can you imagine a globe-trotting quest across the globe in order to convince all the world's Atlanteans to follow Aquaman as their king instead of Orm? Now that's something I would watch. The only problem I can think of is that Atlantis is and always has been a single city at the bottom of the ocean in every take on it, and having seven factions would be a deviation both from the comics and actual legend. But hey, who really cares? Well, a lot of people, but I wouldn't mind!

3) The seven relics of Atlantis

There are seven ancient relics of Atlantis that all hold great power and were forged by the founder of Atlantis:

Atlantean Helmet: grants the ability to live without food, oxygen, or water
Atlantean Key: opens pretty much any locked door ever
Dead King's Scepter: holds the power to create earthquakes
Manacles of Force: can create force fields when smashed together
Power Glove: can punch through most enchantments and objects
Seal of Clarity: translates any language into one that the user can underatand
Trident of Neptune: can manipulate water and unleash lightning among other powers

Which all sounds well and good, but why is he uniting them? They're just seven really useful objects that are pretty cool. Beyond that, there's no reason in the comics to unite them all, they're just super useful. Still, similar to uniting the seven seas, in the movieverse they could be having it that in order to be accepted as King of Atlantis despite being half-human, he needs to prove himself by collecting these seven lost relics. Or six, as we can see that he's already got a trident (but it it Poseidon's or Neptune's?). It's a fun idea, but could end up playing out too much like your bog standard mythology movie where you unite the mystical objects in order to save the day from something. But handled well it could be great.

Wrapping Up...

What do you guys think "Unite the Seven" refers to? let us know below, and if you'd like some more geeky goodness, feel free to head over to Eneition at YouTube where we talk about movies, TV and Games. So until next time guys, enjoy your lives.


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