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If you want to laugh, cry or even swoon, then this movie is for you. The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of those movies that come about once a generation, it is a movie that is hilarious in many more ways that one.

After watching the movie, I saw the whole thing differently. I saw it being not only just a comedy for others to watch, or just a mish-mash of funny scenes, but I saw it for what the actors intended it to be. I saw it as a man and his lobby boy's adventure through society.

Mr. Gustave teaching Zero the ropes.
Mr. Gustave teaching Zero the ropes.

The run-ins' with the local "Mafia" and the police, gave the movie that next level comedy. The first level comedy being a joke with a punch-line and this level being a scenario that leaves us wondering why we are laughing after we have done so. It's not as if the movie was a stupid funny, but it did have a "The Three Stooges" feel to it.


So what do you think about The Grand Budapest Hotel? Is it a next level comedy, or is it just stupid funny?

Last But Not Least: The characters were absolutely splendid. In their jobs and in their stature. Also this is a Wes Anderson movie so it is bound to amaze someone.


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