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"Another sunny day at the beach." - he thought to himself. He could hear the sound of waves and seagulls, children playing around. He could feel warmth of sun and nice weak wind on his skin. "What a lovely weather. I wish I could stay here forever."

Then, suddenly, he felt that someone wrapped a towel around his head and pulled it forcefully to the water. It was cold, he could hear people screaming from afar. He tried to fight, but his opponent was way too strong for him. He took his last deep breath, then he felt big foot on his chest, which pressed him right to the bottom. Everything sloved down, it was incredible quietly.

"Hey! Are you allright!?" - he heard an odd voice. He couldn't understand how was it possible, he was lying on the sidewalk.

"You need to go to the hospital." - a man put out cellphone and called the ambulance.




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