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The new Daredevil Netflix series is now only a month and a half away from making its full season debut, and I personally... am hyped. I mean really hyped. This show to me seems like a huge step forward in the evolution of TV shows based on superhero characters due to its dark, serious tone, its high production values and its seeming departure from the cheesy formula we keep seeing in shows like Agents Of SHIELD and The Flash (I like The Flash, but it's still cheesy). However, I think a lot of my excitement is down to how well the show has been marketed. Here are three things I think the marketing team have done right so far:

1) The Teaser Images

I'm very impressed at just how well the makers of this show have been able to keep its content so tightly under wraps. We haven't seen many set photos at all and there have only been a handful of official teaser images released. What's more, the images themselves have given us just enough to whet our appetites without revealing anything too spoilerific. We haven't even seen old Hornhead's traditional red outfit yet.

2) The Trailer Release

I think we're all pretty used to trailers for movies and TV shows being shown half a year or so before the movie or TV show is actually released. I doubt I'm the only one who feels that getting hyped too early is a bad idea, and yet that's exactly what keeps happening. I see a trailer, get over-excited and then realise I still have to wait six months to see the thing. Ugh. Daredevil on the other hand wisely decided to wait until just over two months before the release to put out its first trailer. Now that's better isn't it?

3) The Trailer Content

Another peeve I have with a lot of trailers, that I'm sure many people share, is that they simply show too much. For example, did we really need to see both a 4 minute and 6 minute preview of The Amazing Spider-Man in addition to the two or three trailers we'd already gotten? I really don't think so. This show however has been very conservative with its teaser trailer, only giving us well-executed hints at who the main characters are and how the story will begin, as well as a few glimpses of the action to get our blood pumping. This was a far better strategy in my opinion.

When all's said and done, none of us really know for sure whether this show will be good or bad (or just meh). If I had to judge from what I've seen so far however, I would predict good... and maybe even great. What do you think?


Are you hyped for Daredevil?


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