ByTy Rick Grimes McMahon, writer at

So, the recent episode for The 100 dropped this week. And what a good one it was. Who doesn't horse's on fire in slow-motion, flames, snipers and an all out slaughter by some nerdy teens. Throughout the episode the SFX were on point and the CGI was in pretty good shape. Does this mean a higher budget? Who knows. But is it better entertainment because of better scripts and I mean, Finn died so that means anyone could. Right? I admit I was slightly rooting for Kane to die to bring the episode to an emotional end to the episode.

People are wondering, was is this show 'good' all of a sudden? I personally have never seen any episodes as boring or cheap. Each and ever episode keeps you on your toes. The make-up isn't all bad and the costumes are fairly on point with what the world is supposed to be. But they to me seem better than that of the pilot. Not to mention the sweet new intro scene to get us in the mood (with an awesome theme song).

Do you think the budget has been improved or do you think the cast and crew are learning as the show goes on?

Fun Fact - Jasper (Devon Bostick) was originally meant to die with the spear during the end second's of the pilot, but writers said "He was a to good actor to kill off". And now in Season 2 he plays a very key roll.


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