ByTy Rick Grimes McMahon, writer at

So, in preparation for Sunday's episode. Let's talk about Sasha, what a *bleep* she has become.

Filled with rage from the loss of loved friend and brother Tyreese. Sasha is angry and not coping to well. Considering the conditions; No water. No food and simply no energy (where is a monster energy when you meed one? Eh?). It first started by trying to drown already dead frogs in mushy soil....not to mention Daryl the worm eater. She was clearly upset and angry.

Later in the episode she then choose the silly side of the plan to kill walkers on the bridge. She lunges at an unsuspecting Walker and stabs it straight between whats left of its eyebrows. Then all out war happened. Rick nearly lost a limb (but all mighty Daryl saved him). Then Michonne got snappy, like and angry pup. Sasha swung and slit silly walker necks and then cut Abraham. (Is he infected now?!?).

Michonne pushes evil Sasha to the ground and beheads the last two silly walkers (not zombies) and that's when things get intense. A stare off begins between the two females. Then the pulse music kicks in (normally indicating physco Rick). We know that's when *beep* gets real! But nothing happened....thank Heavens.

Time will tell what's in store for our TV posse. Aaron is going to keep them safe....we hope.


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