ByChristopher Lee, writer at

Please don't be offended when I say the Oscars don't matter! There are actors who have gone above and well beyond their stage notes listed for their roles and barely receive nominations. I am not advocating for one superstar over another as I like to remain unbiased about whom deserves what. My point is we all get lost in the story performed by these people and they make big bucks for it. The Oscars has been a very entertaining night of TV in the past, but why can't it be just that...entertainment. Instead of it being a polite thank you to everyone who supports and and pays to see these works of art it has become more about "how to make more money." The runner ups actually receive a basket which has a total worth near $160k. Come on! As if they need more free stuff from fancy places trying to receive more recognition. The seat fillers don't even get paid most of the time because they are trying to "make it" in this industry, so they volunteer. I don't dislike movies and television, I just think that presenting Academy Awards may have lost what it was supposed to mean since the 1929 creation of such prestige.


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