ByAlan Dacio, writer at
Alan Dacio
  • How do you think Doomsday will be introduced?

Will he be introduced? It's a question I feel excited about. The more charterers that get brought into the DC cinematic universe the more I think about Doomsday. It feels like they are preparing the world for his character . I think that it will be a trilogy and it could be bigger than "Lord of the Rings" and " The Hobbit" Combined. Assuming the director/writer(s) makes an amazing story line. I also feel like it will give "the Avengers" a run for their money. Don't get me wrong I love The Avengers but the history of DC has been around longer and it needs a director who understands that DC should get respect and appreciation it deserves. Not to mention all the money it will get from it's appearance. I feel like Doomsday deserves a villain look as good as the Joker. He shouldn't be some big dumb monster because what's scary about that? He should be a smart rock thing... Haha. The storyline of Doomsday is just as Important as the Justice League it's self. He should creat a slew of emotions for the audience. Make us want to see Doomsday to the end. For comic fans and movie fans alike. What do you think?


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