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What about the Scandinavians?

After a long line of Vikings and a very wealthy region, what have they done in the horror/ thriller Movie world?

One thing the Nordics do right is how the capture the true horror. Lugubrious is also something they are familiar with and don't mention the black humour they like.

These movies are especially nice to watch during a snowstorm. A few of my favourites:

Let the right one in.

Swedish 2008. Eli, a 12 year old girl moves in next door to a bullied young boy named Oskar. The difference is: Eli has been 12 for a whole lot longer..

Even though you see two kids in the trailer, unless your kids are already as twisted as you, don't show them!

In Order of Disappearance

Norwegian 2014. Nils (Stellan Skarsgård!) Is a peacefull snowplougher in Norway. when he founds out his son is murdered he is out for revenge. .

A beautiful revenge movie with many horrible stereotypes. It is awesome.

Dead Snow 1 and 2 Red vs Dead

Norwegian 2009. A group of youngsters go on holiday in the snowy woods of Norway. Of course they stumble upon horrible creatures.. but these people might have been more horrible when they were alive..

Norwegian/English 2014. The Nazi zombies had been awaken and weren't defeated yet. One of the youngsters who had survived knew he had to save the world. To do that he got some help from overseas.

Dead snow is actually a horribly bad movie but that doesn't make it any less fun to watch and that is what it is all about. Think of it being slightly more original than most cabin/zombie movies.

Just get some popcorn, put on an extra (moose)sweater and enjoy the show!

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