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Now! I have only seen this film once, in the cinema, and I can tell you some of my thoughts of what I can remember!

Now this film is based on the book of Chris Kyle American Sniper, A real life US Military sniper! The novel was written by Chris Kyle himself, also Scott McEwan and Jim DeFelice. Chris Kyle was and shall always be known as the most lethal sniper in US Military history. The film stared Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, directed by Western genre film hero turned director Clint Eastwood (No not Marty McFly!)

So here's my thoughts!

When we got to see Bradley Cooper's character, pointing the sniper at the kids heart, I thought this is going to be an all out action romp! Lots of gory, action movie style kills, heads half blown off, you know the lark!

But as it cuts to a flashback of him, back at home before he joins the army, I feared the worst, "Oh god it's gonna be one of these films, all dramatic and you see how he got to this position! I've spent £9 on this?" Oh how wrong I was!

Yes, indeed, there is a flashback, then you get to see the outcome of the beginning, of course I still had reservations, so what now? The whole movie is gonna be about his life at home now, dealing with all the tragedies and bloodshed he has witnessed! Again, how wrong I was!

Yes, indeed! We see his life at home, dealing with the war he's witnessed, but, my lord! How well done it was! How amazingly acted these scenes were, and when you see him in battle, Some truly amazingly acted, again, (Pardon the repetition!) edge of your seat, action packed scenes placed in front of you!

Now I will give you this nice little picture, for you whom have no seen it, I shall ruin the end if you continue! If you've seen it, you'll know my thoughts of the end, and the film all together, so! For you people whom haven't seen the film!

And I will say! If you haven't seen the film! Stop reading this, go watch it! Find a way to watch it, like right now! And carry on reading! This is a must see film!


Have you gone? Good!

Now this film ends in one of the most tragic ways a film could end! Chris Kyle, (this also is very true!) had spent so much time dealing with the mental damage of the war, in the end he managed to get everything under control and became a much better man, husband, father, and friend. He helped out military veterans, whom had still mental and or physical damage from the war, Helping with every day life, or just being a friend, as is seen in the film, he says to his wife, I'll be home in 4 hours, or something to that effect! (as far as I can remember!) And then the screen went blank.

At this point I thought it was over, I was expecting the credits to role and it would all be a happy ending! Oh how wrong I was!

As the words that confirm Chris Kyle's death, as he was shot by a veteran he was trying to help, I swear I've never felt any feeling like it, it was harrowing, saddening, and I was grief stricken! I was lost for words, I had tears in my eyes, then as the credits rolled, we got to see footage of his funeral. Not the character! But the man himself! Chris Kyle's funeral, seeing the amount of torn Americans on the street, crying, consoling others. You could tell how much of a legend he was, a phenomenon even!

Now, I'm not going to go on record and say that this film is 100% true to his life, I'm sure there are many things, I'm not going to say it's a terrific act of patriotism it was to relive his legacy on the silver screen, I'm actually English! But! However I will say that no matter how untrue, whatever the film "covered up!" or "Left out" it is a truly inspiring, emotional roller-coaster of a film!

Now, I'm not one to talk or even have a second think of The Oscars, but if this amazing film doesn't win every damned Oscar it's nominated for, then that is a travesty!

Of course, these are my views of the film, and my own personal opinions! What are yours? Let me know down below, if you have anything to say regarding the legacy of Chris Kyle, please comment! Please share! And please, enjoy!


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