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I already did my first list of 10 Slasher Movie Moments I thought were the best of the best. But with most of these iconic villains having over 30+ years of experience in the horror biz, I couldn't just stamp them with 10 awesome movie moments, not when there are so many more worth mentioning!

10. Chucky Explodes - Child's Play 2

By the time this movie came around, it was no surprise that they would find a way to bring him back to life. By the late '80s every other slasher icon had found a way to cheat death one way or another. And at the end of this one I think they really wanted to stick in our heads that Chucky was finally dead.

9. Freddy's Got The Brains - A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge

A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2 was the franchise's first step backwards before it really blew up with parts three and four. However, the movie definitely isn't a complete disaster. And one of the main things that kept this movie alive was Freddy himself. He was even more of a menace than before, scarier in some ways, and was just getting started with his sinister jokes. This one scene in particular shows a guy stuck with Freddy in the dream world. The next thing that happens is just an example of one of many infamous Freddy moments...

8. You Can't Kill The Boogeyman - Halloween II (1981)

Halloween II is definitely one of the best horror movie sequels ever, let alone a Halloween sequel. And it's because of moments like Michael Myers lifting a nurse with just a scalpel in one hand or boiling another nurse's face off that makes this one special. But it's the final few moments of this movie that gives Michael Myers yet another awesome slasher movie moment to brag about. At the ending, after Michael kills almost everyone in the hospital and then some, he gets blown up by Dr. Loomis. Then he comes walking right out of the scorched room completely engulfed in fire until he finally drops to the ground for good. Or until the sequel at least...

7. Jason Get's An Upgrade - Jason X

By the time this Jason flick had come out, the Friday the 13th films had become a joke to most people. Though I've always loved even the worst of the slasher movie sequels (except Jason Goes To Hell), I can understand why people laughed at these movies more than they screamed at it. Still, even in the midst of the disaster that is Jason X, there were still some incredibly awesome Jason moments. There's one in particular that shows him emerge from the smoke to reveal himself to be alive, and even better than before!

6. Pinhead Tears Someones Soul Apart - Hellraiser

Pinhead is known for being anything but merciful towards his intended victims, and typically enjoys dismembering them in creative ways. But in the first Hellraiser film...we really got to see how he and the Cenobites like to roll in the killing department. Watch this...

5. Leatherface Get's Frustrated - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This notorious Leatherface moment is the epitome of pure insanity. I mean it can't get any crazier than a dude with a mask on, swinging his chainsaw in frustration because he didn't get to catch and carefully dissect his intended victim. And out of every other slasher icon, only Leatherface could pull something that creepy and crazy off, and with style, too...

4. Jason Stands In Time Square - Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan

Jason makes his way on to this list yet another time because of this epic Friday the 13th moment. And even though he didn't get to Manhattan until the last fifteen minutes of the movie, it was still awesome seeing Jason walk down Time Square.

3. Michael Myers Uses A Shotgun - Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers

There isn't much to say about this one, it's simple and extremely effective. Michael Myers basically just gets up from out of the chair, turns around, backs the girl into a corner, and turns the gun on her, effectively making everyone think he's gonna shoot her. But he of course decides to stab her with it. Logical.

2. Freddy's Welcome - A Nightmare On Elm Street part 3: The Dream Warriors

Freddy by this point is at the top of his game. Movies, games, lunch boxes, toys, and everything were a result of Freddy's growing popularity in the '80s. And a Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3: The Dream Warriors was the first extremely successful Elm Street movie. It's not hard to see why either, everything in this film is top notch for horror. I mean when Freddy picks you up and shoves your head into a television after making one of the best movie quotes of all time, it probably won't get better than that.

1. Ghostface Makes His Grand Entrance - Scream

And finally, number one is the intro to the original Scream movie. In the '90s, slasher movies weren't America's favorite type of horror flick anymore. That is, until Scream came out, of course. Wes Craven revolutionized the whole genre AGAIN with this movie. And the very first scene alone plays with what fans had been watching all throughout the '80s. It was funny in a sense, but still terrifying to watch Drew Barrymore try to answer all of the questions everyone already knew the answers to. And Ghostface also proved himself to be a definite threat after killing off who we thought was the main protagonist.

And that makes it for my second list of slasher villain moments worth remembering. Did I leave any out? Let me know!


Which Of These Epic Slasher Villain Moments Is YOUR Favorite?


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