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How many of you love DC more than anything? How many of you would go to hell and back for Marvel? How many of you wish the fanboy war would just STOP? I'm one of those people. I love Marvel to pieces, and I could read DC till I die. I will always go see films from both companies. Heck, people who work at both companies are friends. There are people at Marvel who read Green Lantern (Marvel's Tom Brevoort is one of those people). There are people at DC who'll watch the hell out of Daredevil (Arrow writer Marc Guggenheim is one of those). I hate the fanboy war. Hell, I hate fanboys of both Marvel and DC. I just hate fanboyism. When you are in love with characters from some company, that doesn't mean you have to shout death threats at people who don't agree, or call them names. I'm pissed at this war, and I'm about to break this Marvel/DC debate and get you fanboys back to your senses (this is going to be a slightly long article, folks).

Both Companies Rip Off Each other ALL THE DANG TIME

The Fight could go either way, be honest
The Fight could go either way, be honest

Sorry, DC fans, I'm going to have to pick on you for just a bit. One thing I always hear from DC fans in the DC/Marvel debate is "30-50% of Marvel characters are ripoffs." First of all, that's absolute BS considering how many original characters Marvel has (and how many more characters they seem to have than DC in general). Second, many of these alleged "rip-offs" aren't truly rip-offs. Here is one big example.

Please don't sue me for using this image, NerdSync!
Please don't sue me for using this image, NerdSync!

The X-Men are allegedly rip-offs of the Doom Patrol. I kind of have to agree. They came September 1963. The Doom Patrol? June 1963. Now, in my honest opinion, the Doom Patrol definitely seems like a rip-off of the Fantastic Four (1961). Now DC fans will argue that the Fantastic Four are rip-offs of the 1950's team "The Challengers of the Unknown". That may be true. However, did you know Jack Kirby, one of the most popular creators in comic book history, helped create both the Fantastic Four and the Challengers of the Unknown? What does that tell you? And why do people even care? The X-Men and the Fantastic Four both ended up being way more popular than the Doom Patrol or the Challengers of the Unknown. Whining about it won't do anything. The same thing happened with Daredevil. Yeah, Batman did come first, but Batman was campy as hell back then. The same man who really made Batman a dark character (Frank Miller) was the same man who had already been doing that with Daredevil. So, in my opinion, Daredevil is only inspired, but not even close to a direct rip-off. "But Ify, so many Marvel characters are rip-offs". You guys apparently don't know what a rip-off is. Gladiator and Sentry (both more powerful than the current iteration of Superman) are not even close to rip-offs.

The two most powerful heroes EVER
The two most powerful heroes EVER

The only similarity? Powers (and Sentry's "S" symbol). Hyperion is the only real rip-off, and he has become a very interesting take on Superman (especially in the Supreme Power universe). Aquaman, a popular DC character is actually a ripoff of Namor (Marvel). We need to understand that both companies rip-off each other all the time. Here's one more to blow your mind: Marvel's original Secret Wars was the first event in comics (and, according to Jim Shooter, Marvel's Editor in Chief at the time, DC's Crisis did not inspire it, so let's just take his word for it) which was a slight rip-off of their own Contest of Champions. Secret Wars was the event that created the merged planet idea, even if it wasn't a multiversal merge (you see where I'm going with this?). The DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths happened and merged the multiverse into one (you're getting it, right?). Then Marvel decided to clean house in their continuity and merge the multiversal into one planet with their upcoming Secret Wars event.

So then DC decided (this is what I believe from the information I have found over time) that they would do what Marvel did to them: see what the other side was doing and then copy them and release theirs first (their upcoming event Convergence).

However, we don't know for sure. Does this make DC's Convergence a rip-off of Secret Wars, or Secret Wars a rip-off of Crisis? You can't answer one without making the other true. They rip off each other all the time, and you need to calm the f*** down.

They Both Mess Up all the time, not just one or the other

"Marvel messes up all the time. Iron Man 3 was a mess!" "DC's New 52 was the worst sh*t ever!" "Man of Steel was useless crap!" "Marvel makes stuff for kids!" Those are all BS arguments when trying to argue that one is better than the other. Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel were not the best movies in the world. But that doesn't make them the worst. I can totally see what Man of Steel was going for (and how stupid Sony was to make fun of it when the Amazing Spider-Man franchise had gone to ****). If certain things had been different it might have completely jump-started the DC cinematic universe (which it technically has). The same goes for Iron Man 3. Yes, the movie was very disjointed and the plot was slightly, um, lame at times, and the Mandarin twist was a big turn off to comic fans, but it was not as bad as people say it was. My point is, both companies make huge mistakes at times. Marvel might seem to make more mistakes to the DC fans, and DC might seem to make more mistakes to the Marvel fans, and the old fans who despise both companies because nowadays they stink compared to what they used to be like (according to them). When people say Marvel is only for kids, they truly don't know what the heck they are talking about. You want to know why Marvel works? They have something for everyone. Family friendly movies? Pretty much all of them. They've got comedy (Guardians of the Galaxy), political thrillers (Winter Soldier, Civil War). You fanboys need to stop the hate, because both make terrible mistakes in comics and film, but they always bring themselves back up.

They're Both Awesome, and are both trying to keep us fans happy

Both companies love their fans. Those Marvelites are Marvel's joy. DC is willing enough to bring back fan favourite versions of their characters so fans could believe in them again. Marvel tries hard (even though they do sometimes use gimmicks to sell books, ex: Lady Thor and Black Captain America. I guess they like controversy) to please fans, even though many people write them off, especially because of how they have handled the X-Men. But you people need to understand that Marvel and DC truly care about their fans. Arguing all the time about which side is better is stupid, and we should try to unite as fans. Come on. This is the greatest decade for comic book movies, we should be enjoying it instead of having a Wonder Woman/She Hulk pissing contest. Yeah, debating is fine, it actually helps us see how much we know about our favourite heroes. But when it comes to making terrible insults,calling each other names and giving each other death threats, what the hell is the point? We just make ourselves look like immature people. I get that some people are very passionate about certain characters, but do it kindly, even if you want to punch the guy's face off. We should be united as fans, not divided. There's nothing wrong with debating, but when it leads to trying to intentionally degrade someone, we need to draw a line.


Should we be united as fans?


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