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I recently saw the 1983 slasher film, and it was everything that I ever wanted and so much more in a movie. Maybe it's my fetish for camp films, or maybe it's the plot twist...either way, every second of this movie had my full attention. The main character is sent to a camp with her cousin and is immediately the target for bullying by the other girls in her cabin, because she was never said a word to anybody. Which is what I liked so much, you don't know much about the character but she was still capable of the same evil as any other serial killer. The movie really makes you despise the other campers by giving them nasty, stuck up attitudes, so when some of them die you kind of just forget about them, because there was nothing really significant about their characters.

Ricky, Aunt Martha, and Angela
Ricky, Aunt Martha, and Angela

Above is the eccentric aunt whom you frequently see in the flashbacks, her son Ricky, and cousin Angela. Aunt Martha is a key character because in the ending you understand why Angela is what she is, and that makes it unforgettable.

When I saw this movie I knew I had to have it in my collection, now it's a matter of whether or not I should give the sequels a try...because it could go very well or it could waste my time.

Good job, Robert Hiltzik.


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