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So this here is a Fan-made trailer for the upcoming movie, "Captain America Civil War", which is due to be released in the year 2016. As you can see, THIS TRAILER IS HECKA EPIC!!! This Fan-made trailer here, is exactly how I expect the official trailer for the movie to be. Credit for the creator of this video goes to youtuber "Alex Luthor". Just wanted to give this video a spotlight cause of how closely it pertains to how we think the movie and trailer will be. You viewers should check out some of his or her other amazing vids and other versions of is another trailer version of the movie...

...but back to the First trailer. The music used here is definitely very epic and matches up to the intensity of this not yet released movie. The use of Spider-Man here is very well done, the dialogue is picked very precisely to match what this movie will be, the whole thing gave me chills, you can really feel the conflict and tension between Captain America and Iron Man. Just incase your wondering why Black Panther isn't here is obviously because there hasn't been footage of the actual Black Panther that is set to appear in the movie and is played respectively by actor, "Chadwick Boseman". The point of this blog post is to give you viewers a point of view or idea of how the actual trailer could be.



You can't decide and feel like Spider-man
You can't decide and feel like Spider-man

What are your thoughts on these Fan-made trailers and is there any other Fan-made trailers you guys have seen that are just as good as these ones here?? Are you excited and hyped up about this movie???


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