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Since the emergence of Rick Moranis lately, I thought i'd add another element to this awesome actor's brilliant comedy and the way he portray's a character on screen. I've seen practically every movie this guy has been in and each one is just as good as the next one, sure he made a few bad ones (what actor hasn't) but when it comes down to it, he's one of those actors that can play a role that was only meant for him and nobody else. His quirky impressions with those glasses and funny as hell demeanor that lights up a movie at the blink of an eye. So with that being said I figured i'd have a fan theory from one of his last big time movies the Flintstones.

In the film we see Fred getting hired as a corporate big shot because Barney switches tests to help out his buddy because he felt the need to pay him back. The antagonist Kyle Maclachlan is trying to take over the company and does everything to sabotage Fred including using a beautiful Secretary Sharon Stone (played by Halley Berry). The one thing now I think about is, if Fred is now this money making "Vice President" in the scheme of things, why didn't he rehire Barney as his assistant when Vandercave told Fred to fire him in the first place? Here's my Theory....

Fred rehires Barney and acts like this big time A hole because he's raking in the money and takes Barney under his wing still giving him a low paying job and Vandercave still making a sabotage against the big Oaf while trying to give Barney an inside scoop to lure him against Fred and turn him into some sort of spy. It's a major stretch because we have these two buds have been together for so long but their friendship is being put to the test and things get so heated, Barney quits and doesn't realize because of the low paying job, he can't afford to quit and has to make ends meet for his wife and adopted son.

The friendship is in turmoil and while Barney is making due, Fred still gets the moolah and the rest of the plot still unfolds but with a twist. Another look at this theory is while Barney is being Fred's assistant, Ms. Stone tries to seduce Barney to get information but to no avail so she goes to Vandercave to come up with a plan to get rid of Barney and they tell Fred he was "transferred" to another office when in fact he fires him and they tell the two friends different stories to butt heads at one another while Vandercave is making his embezzlement scheme.

As the plot thickens, that pompass bird reveals everything to Fred because he can't take the guilt of hiding all that drama and Fred tries to set things right while Vandercave kidnaps the kids and Fred & Barney set their heated past aside to save the kids. Even with a theory like this you can have the same exact ending with a little extra back plot here and there but the movie would've also in a totally different direction and still have a great ending.

Imagine for a moment if things had totally different twists and turns but had nearly the same ending with Vandercave getting his comeuppances and the two buds reunite to save the kids from getting blasted from those catapulting rocks and Sharon Stone turns herself in. All is well plus I think this would've been a way better movie with this type of plot.

What do you guys think?


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