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I'm just a regular wonderer of the internet and on Youtube. Just like any person other person, you're watching an important video on how to run a business and you end up watching a cat play the piano. Well, that happened to me last night. I'm a indie filmmaker and I was looking up how to's videos on filmmaking and increase my knowledge and create better films. After clicking on every single video on filmmaking, I happened to come across a short film, even the title grabbed my attention, and I clicked on the video and I'll the video do the talking.

"Rush Boogie" By Esteban Quintanar and Keanu Nazemi

I'm in love this movie because it's action packed, short enough to leave you off your seat and the soundtrack is amazing.

I did some research on my own I found out that the filmmakers who did this short film are indie filmmakers who are in high school. What? These high schoolers did this. In my high school, I didn't know how to use the walkman. I also figured that these filmmakers attend High Tech High Media Arts in Point Loma, California, which is a really good school that is a project based school meaning it's not a like a traditional school.

I had the chance to email Esteban Quintanar and interview him about "Rush Boogie" I asked him how did the idea of Rush Boogie start?

Esteban: "From watching the anime series "Cowboy Bebop" which in fact the theme song from "Cowboy Bebop" is the soundtrack for "Rush Boogie" This anime inspired me to make a film where there's running involved and a catchy song and wanting to make a film where it can be recognized by other filmmakers and even companies so I told my friend Keanu, another filmmaker, about this idea where we get a two of friends, run around Liberty Station (the place we've filmed) and have an action sequence. He'd agree with me in working in the film and poof we made "Rush Boogie" happen.

Well Esteban, I made you the favor of getting your guy's movie recognized.


Did you like the short film "Rush Boogie"


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