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This article is a statement of my opinions and in no way is meant to be taken as verbatim on what is to be happening. I am opening the floor for debate and what other people believe might be happening in the plot for Captain america Civil War and how it is going to tie into the rest of the MCU afterwards.

What do we know thus far?

Spider-Man will finally be in the movie, Along with Black panther and if my guess is correct Dr. Strange will be making an appearance in the movie as well. Anyone who has read the comics knows why, if you have not then you will have to wait till the movie to find out because I am not here to spoil the movie(although some spoilers are going to be inevitable sorry)

Chris Evans Movie contract with Marvel has him signed for 6 movies which is 1 more after Civil War.. Although they did not say how he had to appear, My theory is much like the Civil War Comic arc Steve Rogers is going to Die in Civil War, in infinity war we are going to see him in the form of flashbacks and dream sequences as the people from both sides of the Civil War deal with one of the greatest losses in superhero history. But you ask if he dies it means there must be a villain to kill him right?... Wrong which brings me to my point.

The beauty of the Civil War Comic arc was that there were great arguments on both sides of the fence for why and why not to come out and give up your identity. The two main characters Steve Rogers and Tony Stark both are already well known as Superheroes. So Steve is not fighting for his own identity but that of his peers. In the movies we already know that the events that happen in Age of Ultron are going to shape both Tony's and Steve's opinions on the matter. which leads me to believe that Tony is going to lose someone very close to him either Pepper or Rhodes or even both. That way by the time we get to Civil War audiences will have the choice much like they did when reading the comics to ask themselves who do they think is right.

The Marvel MCU has made it a point of Not only creating a genre of movies but making one that includes sub-genres as well. Iron-Man, Hulk etc are flat out action movies, Thor plays to the realm of fantasy, Guardians is Sci-Fi and Captain America Also falls under Political thriller, keeping that in mind there is always a moral conflict to a political movie. In the first movie it was using genetics to enhance your soldiers in order to win at any cost. The Winter Soldier was the idea of punishing crime before it happen's and the moral dilemma to giving your government too much control.. We already see where Steve Rogers falls on that end of the spectrum so by Civil War he is going to be fighting harder when the Government tries to get even more control. But while we are looking at this lets also examine the Iron Man movies.

Iron Man 1, Tony decides that he no longer wants to develop weapons for the government, but wants to focus on other things. Iron Man 2 he flat out says he privatized world peace but by the end of the movie has no real issues with the US Government having a piece of his hardware in their hands, as long as its in the hands of someone he trusts( James Rhodes). Tony is a major player in the Avengers Initiative having consulted with Nick Fury on it long before the Avengers Movie. And by Iron Man 3 Tony is helping the Government (all be it in his own lone wolf manner) get rid of a terrorist and saving the life of the President.

To me they have been building to Civil War from day one and slowly setting up Steve and Tony on opposites sides of the fence, They are both heroes in their own right but they both have very different moral ideals right down to Steve being a weakling who had to fight for everything and Tony being a brought up as a billionaire and having everything. The Catalyst for why Civil war happens is seen right now in Agents of Shield .. The Fall of Shield.. no more is there someone to be the voice of mediation between Cap and Steve, the Government and S.H.I.E.L.D and that is what it really comes down to. Civil War is not a 2 person Battle. It is not Steve VS Tony as much as The Government vs Secret Identities. Will there be a protagonist in the form of Captain America? Yes. Will there be an Antagonist in the form of Tony Stark? Yes but i do not think there will be any clear cut heroes or villains.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.Am I nuts or might I be on to something? but please keep it Civil(no pun intended)


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