ByMolly Hardesty, writer at

After watching the trailer for the remake of the Poltergeist, I honestly felt like I was watching a Paranormal Activity trailer instead.

Sam Raimi, the producer of Evil Dead, is doing this movie so I hope he doesn't do anything stupid to mess it up...but so far i'm not very confident about it. First off, the promotional image is of the little girl in front of the closet instead of the television screen. I mean yeah there was one scene in the original movie with Carol Anne and the closet, but it all started with the television set.

Then they went and changed the names of all the characters, which makes me feel like i'm not even watching a Poltergeist remake. Maybe i'm being too hard on it, considering I have only seen the trailer...but it seems pointless to do a remake and change basically everything important about it.

I guess we will see when it hits theaters in July!


Do you think the Poltergeist remake will be successful?


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