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Kevin Galvin

As you know, Sony and Marvel studios finally came to an agreement to make spiderman apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The plan was to rebut the cool Web head slinger with another actor to take up the role.

Many fans speculated that Donald Glover would take the role as the new spiderman Based on the new agreements with both movie company's. But in A recent interview Glover had this to say. "Of Course, I would always be honored to play spiderman. But I just want the spiderman movie, to be dope. Thats all I want, Im leaving it to them. Campaigning's part of life, but for me, Ive got a lot of stuff that i'm really excited about, And dropping it all...Of course it be an honor.But its fine If it comes, If not.''

So if Glover is out of the picture then, what other stars could become apart of the big picture? Some people suggest Dylan O' brien or Logan Lerman. Two young actors, that could be casted as the new spiderman. they look like they have what it takes.

On my personal Opinion I think Dylan may have what it takes to become the next spiderman. Others may think otherwise. People have stated that they want Them and that they Don't want them. There are some other options below of who might be good to play as spiderman.

Freedie Highmore
Freedie Highmore

Freddie Highmore would always be a good Actor for the role. He is young and just turned 23 this week and would totally be good to play a young highs schooler.

Jaden smith
Jaden smith

I don't think Jaden would be good for the role, But with him being a good actor along with his father WIll Smith in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, He might be ok with the role with MIles Morales.

But what d you guys think


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