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Alex Hicks

I am a dying breed. I am one of the last young teenagers to stay up to date with The Oscars, admittedly I don't watch them as America is on a different time change but I try to keep up to date with them. But if you ask any other boy or girl my age I doubt any of them would be able to that Boyhood is a live action film of a boy growing up with divorced parents and that Birdman is the story of struggling actor trying to create a career for himself after becoming a house hold name for the superhero film Birdman.

And maybe that's the problem, despite having great household names for presenters they still can't attract a wide enough fan base, this year the main contenders are American Sniper, Boyhood and Birdman. The nominees are all white and male. There are no films that show any interest what so ever to my generation, the Gaurdiens of the Galaxy was one of the most highly acclaimed films of the year and yet it is only nominated for makeup. There is no way that The Oscars will be able to continue if they do not embrace the new, younger generation.

With the exception of Birdman the closest a super hero film has come to winning a Oscar is The Dark Knight for which the late Heath Ledger was awarded one and I think they are being shunned for not being quite serious enough for the Academy. So far the Oscars line up comprises of a islamophobic action film, a documentary made about a teenager that's made for adults (where's the logic in that?) and a drama about a actor trying to rebuild his career, so no wonder the Oscars have become a laughing stock.

What needs to be done to fix this? Well for starters they should start embracing all genres of film aimed at all age groups and start to try and have a sense of humour but most of all they need to broaden their horizons. But what do i know I'm a 14 year old sitting behind a keyboard? So I challenge you to watch a film you wouldn't usually and comment about what you thought. Thanks.


Do you agree that the Oscars are shunning films?


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