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What's up comic fans! If you haven't been keeping up with the latest DC movie news, I've got your back! The most recent piece of super-news is a picture. But not just any old picture! This pic finally gives us a good look at Jason Momoa in his [Aquaman](movie:264237) attire! Well, I'm not sure if he's wearing enough clothes for it be called an "attire". But potato potato (you know how you're supposed to read it).

Yes! Finally we get to see Aquaman in all his seaworthy glory! Now, I'm a huge fan of Aquaman. I was a fan of him back when he was nothing but the butt of every comic fans joke (yes, he talks to fish. Also sharks, giant squid, has a magic trident and can summon mythical sea beasts to do his bidding)!

I have to say, I love the look. It finally gives us a good feel of the kind of Aquaman we'll be seeing next year in the long-awaited superhero ensemble film, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

But other than a confirmation on the design of the sea-leaguer, we've got almost nothing regarding his role in the upcoming Bats V. Supes film and his role in DC's cinematic universe. Like I said, I'm a fan of Aquaman, so I'd like to see him have a bigger role than just some glorified cameo. With a solo film for the character set to release in 2018, it's nice to know that DC has some longterm plans for him.

But, what exactly are those plans? It's hard to tell right now. After all, DC's shared universe just started with 2013's Man of Steel, so it's all still a bit shrouded in mystery. While I'm not too sure about what DC is planning for their entire world, I do have, what I believe to be a very interesting, theory when it comes to Aquaman's role. Are you ready?

Uh...good to know Obi-Wan...good to know...
Uh...good to know Obi-Wan...good to know...

Aquaman Will Be The Secret Villain

Let's take a look at the DC movie timeline up until Aquaman's solo adventure.

We've got:

  • Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
  • Suicide Squad (2016)
  • [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) (2017)
  • Justice League: Part One (2017)
  • The Flash (2018)
  • Aquaman (2018)
Here's the whole list if you want.
Here's the whole list if you want.

Now I want you to pay attention to just four of those films: [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), Justice League: Part One, The Flash and Aquaman. Why? Well, for one thing, three of those films are confirmed to have Aquaman featured in some part. But what about The Flash? Well, I'll explain that in detail a little later on. For now, let's look at Batman v Superman.

In Batman v Superman, we've got Batman and Superman, the titular characters, potentially squaring off. I mean, one can only assume because of the V. (for versus) in the title that they'll be spending the first section of this film fighting; only to team-up in the end. Team up against who? Lex Luthor, set to be portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg.

But they're not the only people we'll be seeing in this film. Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg are all set to cameo in the film. Nothing else, just simple cameos, a quick drop-in/drop-out session to set up the Justice League movie. But I have reason to believe that one certain Leaguer will be getting just a bit more than a cameo in this film. As seen by his recent photo op.

Take a look at the words on Arthur Curry's picture there: "Unite the Seven." What does this mean? Some people have theorized that it means "unite the seven seas." Others have theorized that it means he's going to unite the Justice League. I think that it's both.

See, not a lot of people know or remember that Aquaman did not start off as a member of the JLA. In fact, he didn't even start off as their friend. He sort of started off as their...well, enemy is too strong of a word, but they weren't buddies. Let's say he started off as the guy who made it his business to keep the JLA in check.

Aquaman was a king long before he was a superhero. He dealt with situations in a more hierarchical and political matter. He didn't leave his kingly duties just to stop a mer-lady from being robbed; he had soldiers for that. That's not to say he didn't value the lives of the innocent, he most certainly did, but as king, he couldn't just leave his throne every time there was trouble. Sure when big villains like Black Manta or his own brother, Ocean Master came around, he'd be at the front of the line, but he took his kingly duties very seriously.

But the one thing Aquaman values and cares for over anything else, is the ocean. Aquaman would do anything to protect his underwater abode! Including picking a fight with some of the most god-like people in the world! Yep, I think that Aquaman will be fighting the Justice League! At least, at first. Aquaman has fought the league many times before. He hasn't tried to kill them, but like I said, he will do anything to protect the ocean.

See, he views the ocean as another land. A land under his rule and out of jurisdiction for any landlubbers. So when his land is attacked, he takes action. But the JLA has never attacked his land right? Well, not directly.

On fire, in water...LOGIC DONT APPLY TO AQUAMAN!
On fire, in water...LOGIC DONT APPLY TO AQUAMAN!

While the Justice League has never tried to pick a fight with Aquaman, their actions have caused the 'King of the Sea' to get fed up and go around fish-slapping super-dudes. It's ranged from Superman's carelessness when dealing with deadly chemicals that Lex Luthor has near the ocean, to other environmental issues that the heroes aren't thinking about when they're trying to save the day.

I think that Aquaman's appearance in BvS will be him getting angry at the JLA; specifically Batman and Superman. Why? I'm not sure, but it'll most likely have something to do with Lex Luthor and some evil plan that involves toxic waste or something else harmful to Aquaman's oceanic home. Now, since his part in Batman v Superman is pretty short, we'll most likely be seeing him near the end of the film. Where he'll be informed of the dangers Batman and/or Superman have inflicted on his world and then look at the camera, angrily.

Gettin real tired of your sh*t Justice League.
Gettin real tired of your sh*t Justice League.

We won't see Aquaman's anger truly unfold until [Justice League Part One](movie:401267). That film is where the term "Unite the Seven" comes in. Aquaman will be using both analogies for this term. He'll be uniting the Justice League, by uniting the seven seas. But how will uniting the world's oceans get the Justice League to pair up? Well, what if he were uniting the seven seas, for the purpose of retaliating towards land? Now before you get mad at me, I'm not saying that Aquaman is going to attack the surface. He's not some hardened war general bent on mass destruction.

But as king of Atlantis, he'll at least try to negotiate some sort of agreement with the surface. And who better to represent the surface then the world's finest? Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the League will meet up and talk with Aquaman to try and stop any wars before they happen. But of course, there will be one. But Aquaman won't be at the head of the battle. No, instead, it'll be his kin.

Ocean Master!

Ocean Master is Aquaman's half-brother and next in line for the throne. That is, if Aquaman doesn't have a child, something a king is expected to do. I believe that Justice League Part One will be about a surface versus sea war! With both Aquaman and his brother playing pivotal roles!

See, Aquaman is a tough and strong leader, but at heart he's still a pacifist. He understands that the heroes are doing all they can to protect their world, same as him, and he respects them for it. But he still needs to protect his kingdom. But naturally, he can't bring himself to sacrifice the lives of many innocents in a petty war. So negotiating is his only move right now. Enter the jealous and power-hungry half-bro! Ocean Master is not going to agree on the negotiating thing. He wants results! Bloodshed! He wants Atlantis to be the only power out there! But since he isn't king, he can't do anything about it. Or can he?

Of course he can! He can go the "Loki" way of things and betray his brother, his kingdom and his dignity just to spark an outrage that will cause his brother to lose his king status! A status that Ocean Master will be more than obliged to take. Once Ocean Master becomes king, negotiating time is over and the turning point in the plot begins! Ocean Master leads an army of Atlanteans onto the surface to attack the landlubbers!

I bet you're thinking that Aquaman will join the JLA and officially "Unite the Seven" in a battle against his brother and his people right? Wrong! Well, not wrong, just not completely right yet. Aquaman will be helping the JLA in this fight, but he won't be joining them. Like I said before, Aquaman is a king before he's a hero. And as king, it is now his civic duty to help defeat his dear brother and the people who once called him king! And he'll do just that! Then what? Well, he'll thank the JLA for their help and promise not to spark any more wars so long as they both agree to stay away from each others lands. "But wait!" you say, "What about uniting the seven?!" Be patient.

Let's look at the timeline again. Aquaman's solo film is after Justice League: Part One and [The Flash](series:1068303). Why does that matter? Well, let me explain.

Ok, so the first JLA team up movie is done. The League saved the day and Aquaman is back home; except he isn't. Sure he's underwater, but Ocean Master is still king. Fighting opposite your king and your people in a war is not going to get Aquaman on any Atlantean's good side. So now Aquaman is an outlaw, trying to come up with a plan to get his kingdom back. Now look, I don't know how DC is going to do it. There are many different ways, but one thing's for sure; in Aquaman, the titular character is getting his dang kingdom back!

So that's good for him. But you all still want to know how he gets into the JLA right? Well, for that, let me drop just a little bit of comic book knowledge on yous!

Better write down some notes.
Better write down some notes.

In the comics, or at least in a specific run of the comics (since comics are always rebooting and retconning) Aquaman is convinced by a certain speedster to become a hero and join the Justice League. And that speedster happen to have his film just before Aquaman's. Here's how I think things are going to go down in Aquaman.

Like I said, Aquaman is getting his kingdom back no matter what the cost! In the film, he'll hone his powers; practicing his aquatic skills like sea animal summoning and...whatever you'd call his brand of martial arts. Then, he'll use his honed skills to attack Ocean Master and have a battle for Atlantis!

Just...not this one...hopefully.
Just...not this one...hopefully.

So when does Flash come in? Well, after Aquaman reclaims his throne and outcasts his brother (who will know doubt continue his "Loki-ness" and strike a deal with the main bad guy), the credits roll. But every superhero fan knows that you should never leave during the credits! Because there's always a post-credit scene.

In that scene, we'll see Flash! Finished with his film and taking inspiration from Tony Stark's post-credit scene from The Incredible Hulk, the Flash will get in contact with Aquaman and, since they're old pals, having fought in a war together, convince him to join the Justice League!

Only then, will the seven truly be united! At least in terms of the JLA coming together. Now I know what you're thinking. It's already been confirmed that all seven members of the Justice League will be in the Justice League: Part One film, so obviously Aquaman has to join the league before or during that movie, not after.

But this isn't exactly true. See, while it's true that all of the JLA members will be present in the film, it doesn't specify whether or not they'll actually be united at that time (unless it does somewhere, in which case, feel free to prove me wrong).

So there's a chance that while Aquaman could be an ally of the League in the film, he won't actually join their ranks until his self-titled film in 2018. He'd still be a founding member of the league, just one of the last to join.

So what do you think of this? Could Aquaman start off with an almost antagonistic role in the DCCU?


Will Aquaman be a sort of villain to the JLA at first?


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