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I recently had a revelation! Moviepilot is SO AWESOME, but the one thing its lacking is video content! While Moviepilot produces random videos and really awesome content for its viewers and readers, there isn't any "regular programming" at the moment!

I know right?! Different articles by different authors all around the world are being produced constantly, but there isn't one thing that keeps bringing people back for more! Moviepilot has given us the power to make things! An outlet for our brains to produce awesome content for the world to see!

SO CREATE WE MUST!!! Covering Topics Relating to Movies, Television, Superheroes, etc., "The Creators" is to be a YouTube chat-show, which is currently in preproduction. Working closely with Moviepilot and fans, The Creators hopes to be a fun show for everyone! For Creators, By Creators!


Big News of the Week- Highlights one of YOUR Moviepilot articles that reveals the biggest news of the week relating to movies, TV, superheroes, etc.! Thats right! We'll be looking out for your awesome content to incorporate as part of the show!

Preview of the Week- Showing a trailer or preview for the biggest movie, TV show, etc. coming soon and then having everyone chat about it! I hope to make the chat as fun and awesome as possible so everyone can join in online as well!

Creator Game of the Week- A new game is chosen each week!

"Fill in the ____ Charades!" -One person acts out short lines from famous movie scenes that are pulled from a hat, leaving out only one word from each line.

"Film Re-Dubber!" -We play a scene from a famous movie and assign each person on the show a character. While the scene is playing, all audio is removed, and the people on the show must speak as if they were the movie characters or make appropriate sound effects!

"What’s in the Box?" -Loot-Crate Unboxing! Bringing someone onto the show who receives Loot-Crate subscriptions and having them unbox the crate while blindfolded. They have to guess what each item is!

Now, before you ask, no this isn't an official Moviepilot web show. While we will often be referring to Moviepilot and pulling articles from the site, we aren't directly affiliated. We're our own separate thing! That being said, we wouldn't even be creating this web show if not for Moviepilot!

Having created an awesome community of writers and fans all around the globe, we hope to work alongside Moviepilot and usher in a whole new wave of epic content! We're going to have a lot of fun with this! For now, this is all we have...BUT MORE GREATNESS IS YET TO COME!

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Any comments or ideas for the show? Let us know below!

Want to join the Creators and be on the show?! YOU CAN! The show will be filmed in the NYC area! For more info please email us at...

[email protected]

"The Creators" -Host/Producer/Director- Jim Galizia


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