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Parks and Recreation is going out with a bang in its final and seventh season this Spring. The eccentric inhabitants of Pawnee, Indiana are going their merry way and entering the next phase of their lives while taking on new obstacles: Ben predicted the robot invasion in his new book (kind of), Men's Rights activists are rallying up, knots are being tied, and Craig is trying to yell a lot less. A great deal has happened in the three year time jump and many viewers feared they were missing out on vital moments for the characters. However, this season, show creators Michael Schur and Greg Daniels have provided us with several memorable and emotional moments worth celebrating (April and Leslie's hug, anyone?). With only two episodes left scheduled for Tuesday Feb 24th, many of us fans are wondering what in the world are we going to do besides sad-marathon old episodes repeatedly until we realize we should probably schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Nygard?

Today, I will provide an alternative to that insane idea: here is a list of what your favorite Parks and Rec actors will be doing in the movie-sphere after the show ends. [A few SPOILERS included]

1. Amy Poehler

Leslie Knope has become a hero to many young career minded women watching the show, reminding them of the importance of your friends and family. ("We need to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn't matter, but work is third.") Amy Poehler will be teaming up with fellow SNL Alum and "comedy wife" Tina Fey in the film Sisters this December 2015. If previous projects Baby Mama and Mean Girls are any sign of the quality of their collaborations, then Sisters will have viewers falling out their seats laughing. Poehler also recently released Yes, Please, an awesome book filled with personal stories, great advice, and funny bits about SNL, the "biz", and being a mother. We will all miss Poehler as the tenacious "Boss Bitch" Leslie Knope, but plenty of hilarious projects are already expected in her immediate future.

2. Adam Scott

Nerdy sweetheart Adam Scott aka Ben Wyatt has won over our hearts these past few seasons by dressing up as the Dark Knight, making board games, and obsessing over the Iron Throne. This year, Scott has joined the cast of Hot Tub Time Machine 2, released this past Friday, and will also appear in the crime drama Black Mass in September of this year. And if either of these films don't work out, he could always go into the field of claymation.

3. Rashida Jones

Ann, you beautiful ethnically-ambiguous sun goddess; you will be missed. Rashida Jones, however, is scheduled to return to television this year in a new comedy called Angie Tribeca, a police procedural satire created by Nancy and Steve Carell. No films are slated for Jones so far, but with her moving and hilarious writing in Celeste and Jesse Forever, she's bound to be planning something great for the big screen.

4. Nick Offerman

Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl starring Nick Offerman
Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl starring Nick Offerman

No one offers life advice and hates change like Ronald Ulysses Swanson. A couple of these bits of advice include: "Don't half ass two things; whole ass one thing" and "Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets". We may no longer have Swanson as a mentor, but Nick Offerman will still grace our screens. Offerman has become a staple of the indie movie scene. This year, Offerman is slated to star in three films, including Knight of Cups, A Walk in the Woods, and Sundance hit, Me, Earl and the Dying Girl.

5. Aubrey Plaza

Gone are the days of eating from a Frisbee and stealing Jerry's inhaler; now introducing responsible, career minded April Ludgate-Dwyer. I will miss April the most mainly because we are both moody twenty-somethings trying to navigate this crazy world. Luckily enough, Aubrey Plaza has starred in some of my favorite films such as Safety Not Guaranteed and The To Do List. This year Plaza will be appearing in the comedies Playing It Cool and The Driftless Area.

6. Aziz Ansari

Tom Haverford, aka "The Brown Gosling", has truly become a man of sophistication and business.

And with his latest engagement to Lucy, it's hard to ignore his true sweetheart tendencies.

Ansari is slated to provide voice work in Transformers 6 and continue his voice work on the show Bob's Burgers as the Belcher's nerdy friend, Daryll. No other films have been announced yet; however, earlier this year, Ansari struck a deal with Netflix on another exclusive stand-up special. Until then, you can enjoy his hilarious interview on David Letterman posted above.

7. Chris Pratt

Cute little puppy, Andy Dwyer, may have grown up quite a bit over the past few seasons but actor, Chris Pratt, has become a movie star over night. After playing the rogue, Star-Lord, in Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt has slowly begun stealing 90s and 80s kids' hearts by starring in Jurassic World this year and having rumors of him playing Indiana Jones flying around. Deadline has even reported that Spielberg is showing interest in directing him in the role. No words yet on whether Pratt will be playing Jones; but if fans have any say about it, he just might.


8. Rob Lowe

Both Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins have been absent from Pawnee for awhile but they are scheduled to return in the final episodes. And fans are LITERALLY dying for them to return. What is lined up for Lowe in the future? Rob Lowe can be found guest starring in the funny, highly controversial film The Interview and offering his voice to the new animated Comedy Central series Moonbeam City.

7. Retta

Donna Meagle is a national treasure and has been relatively underused over the course of the show, in my opinion. However, the show creators have definitely made up for this fact by giving Donna some emotional storylines this season and highlighting her friendship with Jerry Gary Larry Terry Lenny Gergich. Do yourself a favor and follow Retta on Twitter for her hilarious TV live-tweeting and various adventures. No projects announced yet but I can't wait to see her in more hilarious material in the future.

8. Jim O'Heir

Ugh, no Gary. Just no...

Just kidding. Gary is probably one of the best characters on Parks and Rec and, even though some fans dislike how the characters treat him, I don't think some of his more touching and fun moments could have happened otherwise. Jim O'Heir is now tied to an indie project called Middle Man, a funny dark comedy that is currently looking for backers on Kickstarter. I want to see this film guys, so GIVE THEM MONEY!

So long, Parks and Rec team! Thanks for the laughs, the tears, and the life lessons. We'll remember you forever.


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