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Based on the beautifully disturbing art of Alex Pardee, Digging Up the Marrow (released theatrically February 20, 2015) tells the story of William Decker, a seemingly psychotic man, and Adam Green- for you horror lovers, you know Adam Green as the director of the Hatchet Films, and Frozen...not Disney's Frozen, the scary one about the ski lift (yes, Adam Green plays himself and does an awesome job) filming a documentary together.

Decker comes to Green telling him he's found what he calls "The Marrow", a hole in the ground in a cemetery that's home to some of the creepiest looking things I've ever seen.

But you know, that's Alex Pardee for you. Gorgeous art that'll probably give you nightmares. I'm on board with that.

I'm not usually one to enjoy found-footage films. This one was endearing, I felt so connected to the characters and genuinely enjoyed watching all of them develop throughout the film. But, regardless, I thought this one wasn't going to be an exception, but to my surprise, I found myself excited to see what was going to happen through the whole hour and a half.

To be honest, the beginning of the film was awesome, it grips you and doesn't let go...until the middle where things start to get a bit repetitive. You're waiting and waiting for these monsters to appear, and I think Green does a good job of holding you until the end of the film, because let's be honest, deep down, we're all big fans of the creepy and grotesque.

I thought I had started to lose interest but with a half hour left, the film picks back up and I found myself ready to close my eyes. I was pretty freaked out, and from then on, I was left wondering if I was going to be able to sleep tonight. Those things were creepy, man.

If you're into creatures and monsters, this is going to be your kind of film. I highly suggest you give it a watch. It was a strong start to 2015's horror lineup!


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