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We last left Harley after her storage center blew up compliments of the Joker and she was left a building from one of her old patients in their will. So she packs what's left of her stuff and heads to Coney Island. On the way there she witnesses a Hipster talking on his cell phone and dragging his poor weiner dog on his leash. Seeing the pain in the dog's eyes Harley takes her whip most likely a gift from Catwoman and breaks the dog free and becomes the dog's new owner. She then teaches his the dirtbag a lesson by wrapping her whip around his neck and dragging him through the street.

Unfortunately while dragging him through the street Harley is attacked by a Ghost Rider without flames.He's holding a paper with her face on it so it's my guess someone put a hit on her maybe her old flame Mister J. She does her best to dodge the creep but crashes in the process losing most of her personal junk. Luckily her trusty mallet survives which she uses to play croquet with his skull. Afterwards she finally arrives at her new building. Once she sees that it houses people from the freakshow she feels right at home. It's as if she's died and gone to heaven. She gets a huge apartment along with a roof which she can use as she pleases. The only catch is that in order to stay she has to pay for 50 percent of the taxes since the tenants rent only cover 45 percent. So Harley tries to figure out how she's gonna get all that dough Big Tony see's her moping and decides to help her out by giving her a newspaper with highlighter to circle available Jobs and Some Bagels and a hot cup of Joe.

And since he's such a nice guy he packed up her things set them in her new digs and put her motorcycle somewhere safe. Now Harley's gotta get a Job. But where can a adorable little psycho like herself seek gainful employment? Well it seems Harley's going back to her roots and sets off to an interview for a job as a therapist at a old folks home. But since her old beau gave her a permanent ghost job she has to put on alot of makeup in order to disguise herself. I'm also assuming that one of Harley's friends in Gotham must've wiped her slate clean because she does introduce herself as Harleen Quinzel and does not use a fake name.

After that we see Harley audition for a spot on a Brooklyn Bruisers a local roller team whose uniforms just so happen to have Harley's match Harley's costume. When she walks in she's pleased to find out that for the tryout the rule is their are no rules all you have to do is beat the other players anyway you can. So Harley knocks them out in complete Harley fashion be it bumping,scraping or punching. Since Harley's the only one left still standing she gets the job. It surprises me how no one's thought to make Harley Quinn a Roller but I'm glad they did it's gonna make for some hilarious issues.

Harley's has had a long day so she decides to unwind by moonbathing on top of her roof and talking about her day with her beaver Bernie. She goes on telling Bernie how happy she is and that with her new jobs she'll be able to say afloat. It's then that a ninja type assassin tries to kill harley with her samurai sword while her back is turned but luckily Tony shoots her just in the nick of time. Harley then searches the dead assassin and finds out someone put a hit on her.

This comic was a breath of fresh air from the dark and gritty Harley comics that came out of the new 52. They managed to mix her sex appeal along with her adorable and funny personality. It gives me hope that Harley is once again going back to the adorable psychopath we all know and love.

The writing in this book is amazing that along with the awesome art which meshes realistic and cartoony Harley perfectly.

I give this comic a 10/10 and I'm defintely gonna pick up issue #2


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