ByChad Ware, writer at

Kingsman: The Secret Service was awesome, exciting, and action packed. The synopsis of the film is that a small time thief is recruited into a secret spy organization called the Kingsman. Colin Firth plays the loveable yet bada** spy who is the one who recruits the thief. He worked with the thieves father before he died when the thief was just a baby. This thief, played by Taron Egerton, was the best of them all. He wasn't just funny but awesome and good at fighting. Samuel L. Jackson was the one who played the softy villain of the film who had a lisp. He was awesome at playing the loving and childish villain who, if saw blood, would vomit. So to round everything up this film is the best movie to go see if your craving a film with comedy, action, and spies.


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