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The 2007 remake of the slasher film was written, produced, and directed by Rob Zombie, making it the 9th movie in the Halloween series. I was pretty excited when I heard they were going to do it, but when I saw the movie...I was anything but excited.

It goes against the whole point that john Carpenter made about Michael's character! John Carpenter meant for Michael Myers' character to be completely unrelatable to the audience, but then Rob Zombie did the remake and the beginning of the movie was showing more than I ever wanted to see of the Myers family. What made Michael's character so creepy to me personally was that you just didn't know anything about him, mainly because he literally never spoke a word in the ENTIRE series, not even when he was a kid.

You know what they say, "Silence is deadly."

Here's a quick list of the characters that changed in this remake as well.

  • Laurie Strode- In the original she was the nice, quiet, and smart teenager who babysat Tommy. They seemed to be pretty close, and enjoyed each others company. But then in the remake, Laurie acted like a bratty girl and treated Tommy like he was just some kid she only watched to milk the money from his parents.
  • Sheriff Brackett- I noticed in the remake that they made him act like somewhat of a pervert...which made me confused?? And kind of uncomfortable...but then again, the whole movie seemed more like a gory porn movie than anything.

Okay so now let's discuss how there was no suspense in the movie, instead it was just many sudden, violent attacks. The suspense from the original movie was what kept the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the entire film! See, the music would start playing and you would automatically know that Michael was coming, you didn't know where he was, but you knew he was coming. Then suddenly, he appears behind the character and stabs her/him, or slits their throat...End Scene.

But Rob Zombie really exaggerated the violence and nudity, when it was so mild in the original. It's not that I have anything against violence or nudity in movies, I mean I am a huge fan of the Friday the 13th movies (nudity every 5 minutes, right?).

Nice try Rob, maybe Halloween isn't your cup of tea.


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