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As some of you may know. Castiel (the most bada** angel) lost his Grace at the end of Season 8 of Supernatural. Metatron took it so as to cast the angels out of Heaven so he can "remodel" so to speak. Through this process Castiel became human. Now after looking up some differant information, such as how Lucifer and Michael may well be unaffected as they were in the cage. I think Cas would be unaffected as well considering as he never fell. In the next paragraph you will see why I believe that might well be the case.

Okay, now for the evidence. The reason I believe that Castiel would of been unaffected is that he was human when Metatron whisped him back down. He had none of his mojo. And the spell was to expel the angels out of heaven as well as burn their wings off along with the wings of those on Earth. Now the reason I'm saying a lot of this as well is because Metatron said that there was still a little bit of Castiel's Grace left. Granted that is if he was telling the truth. Knowing him he would worm his way out with anything. Anyway since his Grace was used in the spell to expel angels that would mean his is possibly unaffected just like Metatron wasn't

Who's not to say that at the end of the season Castiel will find his Grace and it would turn out that he still has his wings. I would find that amazing if he did get his back considering all that they may face. And a full powered angel would be the perfect ace up the sleeve. I do want to say sorry for not making this a lengthy one as this is my first post as a creator.

The Fall
The Fall


Do you think that when (if) Castiel get his Grace back, will he be at full power or will his wings be clipped?


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