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Fans of Spiderman and The Avengers are in luck since the presence of the popular superhero Stan Lee arguments within the next studio owned by Disney was confirmed. We know that Spiderman will be within the footage of Captain America 3 ', now we can also see an excellent fan-art poster with three of the principal axes of the plot.

Since May the Presence of Spiderman Within the Marvel cinematic universe of many materials have emerged Generated Graphics fans was confirmed. Now we show you one of the last signs on Podemos That Watch a Three Main characters. The Free Spiderman with Captain America and Iron Man. As Appreciate the Faces of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers belong precisely to the first official image of 'The Avengers 2', filed with the start of the promotional campaign Anticipated Blockbuster Directed by Joss Whedon.

Win Argument '3 Civil War Captain America' Stamped with the Presence of Spiderman. Whom can the Living Within The Same by crystallization of the negotiations between Marvel and Sony. With the return of Exploitation Rights of the character stamp That he was born and brought it to life.

Today Spiderman The third character is possibly more recognizable paragraph comic world the great public, and Striking Over Marvel. De Although defraud Productions 'The Avengers' names as Iron Man, Captain America or Thor and resonate powerfully More Out of Scope comic fans.

Present The Story of Captain America 3 'nos, SUS According Responsible, "an anthology battle between Captain America and Iron Man". When asked if Tony Stark will be the villain of the film 'Captain America 3', Robert Downey Jr Answers From A clear way. "I did not say ESA Way It deals with the story of Steve (Rogers, On interpreted Chris Evans) Is The film is the the great hero arrives Until his point Maximus, But No:.. So my character is the villain ".

The contract with Marvel Robert Downey Jr INCLUDES a "Captain America 3 Civil War": In addition to their appearance Within two movies in to be divided. '' For now still in the air the achievement of 'The Avengers 3 Iron Man 4 'Very Expected By Fans But STILL unconfirmed For instance part of Studio Directed by Kevin Feige.

Here we present the first fan art image that have brought us. Hopefully in the long-awaited film of 2016 we can see a spectacular spiderman.


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