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After a long discussion with my friend Julian the other night he came up with an interesting theory that The Flash is leading to a Flashpoint finale which in turn ends up bringing a somewhat rebooted [Arrow](series:720988) come Season 4 when he first posed the idea to me I thought he was nuts but just kept listening. Since talking to him I went back and re-read the entire Flashpoint Series leading up to the DCU Relaunch The New 52 and his theory may not be as far fetched as I initially thought, lets find out why.

In the most recent episode of [The Flash](series:1068303), Barry finds out that he has already figured out time travel and in fact traveled back in time to try and save his mother from dying but failed, at the end of the episode he says this time he can change it. Now we do not know if that will be this season next season or when.. We do know that in the Future Harrison Wells comes from Infinite Crisis has happened or is in progress and Barry has vanished into the Time force. so the argument could be made for the fact that it is at that point that Barry figures out how to go back in time and tries to change things, but what if its not?

What if at the end of this season Barry and Wells(AKA The Reverse Flash) Have their big showdown in Barry's living room 15 years previous. And what if Barry is successful this time? what does that mean for the rest of the TV DC Universe well this is where Flashpoint and the New 52 come in.

DC has already stated that they are not merging the TV and cinematic Universes instead they are having 2 separate connected universes. So what if Barry does change things it allows us to next season possibly launch 2 new shows or at least set up for 2 new shows that we know are possibly already in the pipeline. Titans and Green Lantern, as well as rebranding Arrow to embrace its comic roots a little more. How you ask well let me explain.

In the Season finale Barry and The Reverse Flash fight and Barry Saves his mom, at the very end We see Barry waking up to everything being changed by his altering of the timeline. Season 2 opens with Barry's mom being alive and therefore his dad not being in prison. I know what you are thinking if Barry defeats the Reverse flash in the past does it not undo everything ? Not necessarily in the comics traditionally and especially in Flashpoint the Flash's time travel splinters the universes into alternate versions and in the comics the end of Flashpoint see's the merging of all of DC's Universes (DC [New Earth], Dc Vertigo[Earth 13], and Wildstorm[Earth 50]), into one major DCU with there being some changes to origins but much of it still being fairly in line with continuity enter the New 52 Relaunch.

To what end you ask would they do this essentially rebooting 2 shows right at the height of their popularity, and here is what I think. First off one of the things that has set the Flash apart from Arrow is the fact that The Flash wholeheartedly embraces its Comic book roots, right down to the quips and self referencing, whereas Arrow much like Smallville before it almost seems ashamed of the fact that it is based on a comic and is more of a Batman show that even Gotham is. and 2 a key storytelling device on Arrow is the flashbacks.

With Season 4 of Arrow we are getting dangerously close to the beginning of Arrow and we do not want to see a show doing flashbacks to earlier episodes for half of each episode it would get old quick, but doing a relaunch of the DC TV Universe would allow for 2 things on Arrow, Arrow could embrace its own source material a lot closer rather than being a Batman show with the Green Arrow it could in fact be a Green Arrow Show, and 2 it would allow the flashbacks to tell an entirely different origin.

How then does that allow for Green Lantern and Titans, well we know that Roy Harper(Arsenal) is most likely going to be a key player on Titans along with Nightwing, and David Ramsey(better known as Jon Diggle) on Arrow all but confirmed that Jon "Dig" Diggle, may in fact be Jon Stewart Diggle. If they were to try and do mid-season launches or mini seasons a la Agent Carter, We could possibly see Titans and Green Lantern series midway through next season or during the off season opening the floor for more Brandon Routh as the Atom, a re-imagined Deathstroke, and Laurel Lance being a much more seasoned Black Canary. And on the Flash it would open us up to more Firestorm, the possibility of Nathaniel Adam (Captain Atom) who ties in to General Eiling(who we do not yet know if he is alive or dead.. (How awesome was Gorilla Grodd???) as well as the possibility of a Wally West Flash, Cisco entering as Vibe, and Caitlin Snow turning to the dark side as Killer Frost. Both of which are New 52 references. With it also Merging All of the DC TV Shows, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Constantine, into one universe. You will notice that I left out Gotham, I did that because in the grand scheme of things I do not believe Gotham will still be around.

Now all of these things may or may not happen over the series of the show, I am just speculating here but what if the point is to do it sooner than later, in any event it means I will be tuning in to both the Arrow and the Flash on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future.

Am I totally off base what do you think? could they be working toward Flashpoint as a Season Finale or do you think they will have it closer to the end of the series. or do you think the DC TV Universe is headed somewhere completely different? please let me know in the comments below.


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