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(My First article over a species I've been Tweaking and writing about for years.)

The Viyka

The Viyka; known in their realm as the most powerful and frightening of creatures, are known especially for their cruelty. In an act of war, the Viyka will easily overpower the enemy, by either brute strength or simple numbers, always devouring the remains.

Some statistics on the Viyka:

-Averaging around nine to twelve feet in height, depending upon age.

-all Viyka have thick, muscular tails, often used in the ways of combat, though purposed for balance.

-Though the upper body is humanoid, the lower body has digittrade legs, or “long footed.”

-The Viyka are very militant, training for advanced combat and strategy at the age of seventeen years.

-Immensely powerful, even for their size, able to lift 60x their own weight with ease. Actual physical limits not fully researched.

-Take favor in armor, the craft of which is important to their culture, and make a new set for themselves every two years.

-Deathly weakness to cold, low temperatures begin to weaken a Viyka at a mere fifty degrees, and symptoms worsen as temperatures go below fifty.

-The Viyka have exposed teeth, pointed and uniformly shortening as they reach the back of the jaw

Viykan Lieutenants

Vintovah, wife to Vulkrahn. Second in command. Respected by her peers, often her gender is entirely overlooked in comparison with her skills, which are much higher than average Viyka females.

Archer, friend from childhood. Night reconnaissance specialist.

Dahvisk, lowest ranking, known as the “powerhouse”, breaking the record size for any Viyka, standing at a height of seventeen feet. Dahvisk is valuable for diversions. His size, making him an easy target, is counteracted by his thick hide protecting against damage.

Falsa, Specialist in modern technologies, usually the one needing protection during a hacking session, as the armor he had crafted was only comprised of chain mail.

Isran Vulkrahn

The current leader several of higher militant factions, Isran Vulkrahn, is feared by even his own peers, being known for his serious attitude, but also his sense of humor is known to be a bit “dark.” Not much is known about him, but he gladly shares small fragments of his back story, as he is nomadic, he has many more stories than we care to write.


The Viyka favor a weapon similar to the katar, a blade of various shapes extending parallel to the forearm, often with a cover, acting as additional armor, covering the entire forearm. In addition to this, all Viyka wear gauntlets with fingers tipped by metallic claws, bladed very sharp on the underside, presenting themselves with many practical uses, such as those presented by the pocket knife.


The Viyka have a very simple culture, similar in many ways to tribal life, the majority of the populace living in hand-made huts, of which they are very proud. Meanwhile, the living places of higher ranking individuals live in vast, modern buildings, crafted by teams of civilian Viyka.

Music the Viyka seem to enjoy are things such as a deep ringing, like that of a church bell, and the smooth whining of a cello, or violin. Being drawn to orchestral music is common among the Viyka, and can even be used in aid to capture. Other forms of music in Viykan culture include almost exclusively female vocalists, as females in their culture are held in high respect. Often the Viyka sing of fire and war, as they thrive in the heat of battle.

War culture

As it stands, the military of the Viyka seem to have an entire different culture from the people, and often are regarded as a different form of being. In war culture, the Viyka will dawn flags with simple symbols, often the symbol for celebrate, or “Vitalko”. Laughter during battle is also not uncommon, and even brings the advantage of disturbing the opponent, as they might believe their efforts are only childs play to a Viyka. War in viyka culture usually never lasts long, the only war lasting more than a few weeks was one with the Faunice, as they were so mobile as to make themselves difficult targets, however the Viyka quickly learned to deal with flying enemies, ending the war with a victory after only two years. Ranking in the Viykan military is much like an honor system, bringing certain privileges for displaying valor or extreme cruelty.


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