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Alright I have watched every fast and Furious movies. But when It comes to fast and Furious 7 because they have mixed the movies around this movie is supposed to take directly after tokyo drift. Right when hauns gets hit by the car trying to get away from the guy but the guy never gets out the car at all.

As shown above is where han dies in the crag but the driver gets checked on and does not get out of the car at all and this creates an inconsistencies in the plot once again with Paul walker gone who did they replace him without messing everything up yes we all know he has a brother but still those are some huge shoes to fill and the voice acting would be completely different at all points I doubt they could pull it off at all but I will watch it but it gets under my skin because there is still controversy on pauls death. with all of this going on yet the crew of fast and Furious 7 still is moving forward with this film there is supposed to be a tribute to him at the end of the film like theyes did in fast and Furious 6 which I think is awesome and all but what If paul Is still alive and well what happens to the movie and the movie series and don't you all find this very convenient that he dies in a car crash supposedly hitting a tree. I find it very coincidentally convincent that this happens when he's in the middle of making fast and Furious 7.

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