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Firstly I just want to say these are my opinions, not official. I have suggested two different actors for each of the four characters I have given, some of the actors would bring a different aspect to said character or either be very similar to each other.

Raoul Bushman

Tall, Dark and Handsome...?

1. Kevin Grevioux

Kevin Grevioux, who has one of the best voice in the world. Has written and starred in the Underworld trilogy as a lycan, has also starred in I, Frankenstein adapted from a graphic novel he also wrote, voiced many characters such as Black Beetle in Young Justice and Terrax in Avengers: Mightiest Heroes.

I think that Grevioux would be a great fit for Bushman in a television show or movie because, In the comics Bushman is one of the most intimidating and scary character in moon knight comics, and because of Greviouxs, appearance, size and voice would help him play the character like in the comics. also with his experience as the evil henchman in his other movies and shows, intimidating is his forte.

2. Lawrence Makoare

Lawrence Makoare, his most world widely known role is Lurtz in LotR: Fellowship of the Ring, if your wondering who Lurtz is he is the orc who was created by Saruman as the leader of a scouting group who also was the one to kill Boromir. He had another role as the witch king in the Return of the king, also Bolg in the Desolation of Smaug. lastly is role of Za Bing in Netflix's Marco Polo.

After watching Marco Polo I pondered when he would audition for a marvel or dc role, and who and that's when I thought of Bushman, now Makoare, a Maori that is known for his portrayal as a warrior in pretty much everything he has starred in and this role is not far from that, since a mercenary is pretty much a warrior with an arsenal of guns. if you were to watch the film's that he starred in you would say he could pull the part off.

Black Spectre

Hey the 11th century called it wants its style back

1. Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody, Known for his roles in The Pianist, The Experiment and Predators.

I thought that the bro Brody would pull off the part of Black Spector mainly because of this role in Predators, I thought his portrayal of Royce was the best in that movie and that's why I think he would bring what black spector needs.

2. Nicolaj Costa-Waldau

Nicolaj Costa-Waldau, known for his role of the king slayer in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. Also his roles in Mama, Oblivion and The Other Woman.

Without needing to get to deep into why I think he should play this part, it's simple, Black Spector is really just a more articulate and modern character of who he plays in Game of thrones and if he brought what brings to that role, he would be the best Black Spector anyone would've thought.

Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night

Part of the Howling Commandos... get it Howling

1. Scott Speedman

Scott Speedman, Known for being the hybrid between vampire and lycan in the Underworld trilogy.

The main reason I thought of Scott for this role is mainly because of his past role in underworld, really but his appearance is also a helping factor as he does look like he could have the appearance of a man who has the secret of turning into a wolf.

2. Luke Evans

Luke evans, known for many roles from Bard of the Hobbit trilogy, Shaw in FF6 and Dracula in Dracula Untold.

Really I know that this would never happen because Evans isn't known for is television appearances but this just what I want, to see him as a Villain in a television adaption of my favorite comic ever "Moon Knight". Now this would mean he would be in both Edward and Jacobs teams if you get what I'm saying, since he is known for his high caliber performances he would bring life to the character.



1. Giovanni Ribisi

Giovanni, know for a lot, for his good and bad roles and by that I mean his alignment with good or evil. From good as Frank in Friends and Bad as Parker Selfridge in Avatar, also for his creepy and friendly hip shaking roles in Ted and a Million ways to die in the west.

Now, Ribisi I know could pull the part off easily because no matter the role he bring 110% to everything. I thought since Morpheus a slender being and Ribisi being the same he could jump straight into it.

2. Steve Buscemi

Nuff Said


Moon Knight

Three actors who I think could bring the man in white two the screen..

1. Dean O'Gorman

Now as a Australian who has lived in New Zealand most of my life you could guess I would watch a lot of NZ TV and that's why I suggest a lot of NZ actors

Dean O'Gorman, World widely known for his role of Fili in the Hobbit trilogy, and widely known for his role as Anders in The Almighty Johnson's which I know Syfy bought the rights for the show in the U.S. other than that I have no idea.

This is who I want for Moon Knight if ever there is an adaption, and if you've seen The Almighty Johnson's you'll know why his role of Anders who is a ponsy prick with his own company and a woman around his arms, would give him inspiration for the aspect of Steve Lockley the Rich philanthropist aspect of Moon Knight. And any other roles he's played he play's a down to earth character, and that's why he's my top pick.

2. Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner, Known for Kili, Filis brother in The Hobbit trilogy and for this role in the original English Being Human.

Long story short I thought of him playing the part of Marc Spector because of his appearance.

3. Timothy Olyphant

Last but not least, Timothy Olyphant, Known for A wide range of roles from Hitman to Justified.

Now I like Olyphant as an actor he's got certain presence around him and a voice that puts him separate from the rest again brings a high caliber performances to the roles he plays even if the film is I am number Four. I think that he would bring what he needs to play the white knight and can play the crazy that the role needs to be perfect.

Lastly I would like to thank you for taking the time and reading this article, I appreciate it.


Did any of the said actors interest you in playing the man in white? and if so who?


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