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I took it upon myself to go through the list of nominees for this year's oscars, however I always do so; since in my family tradition goes on to bet for who we think should win the so desired (by Leonardo DiCaprio) trophy.

So, without further delay here are my predictions. At least for the top 5 categories (Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor/Actress and Movie)

Best Actor. The sole category is full of talent. The list goes from Eddie Redmayne with his incredible performance as Dr. Stephen Hawking, Michael Keaton as the disturbed yet enigmatic character of Riggan also known as Batman, I mean Birdman. Benedict Cumberbatch as the creator of the Turing system, Alan Turing who was chased for his sexual preferences; Steve Carell, in what I personally think is the most disturbing performance of his life as John DuPont in Foxcatcher. He really outdid himself; Bradley Cooper earns himself a spot among the nominees with his amazing performance of Chris Kyle, a navy SEAL soldier known for his singular nickname within his teammates of "Legend" a tittle who came after being attributed with 160 confirmed kills, something it took a lot from Kyle, something Cooper really reflected in his performance. These actors all delivered an amazing performance on screen, hence the fact their nominations are all well-based.

Me, as a person who watches religiously the oscars, think the Academy board is always looking for those actor(s) who really stand out from the rest, those who commit themselves to their part, investing time and their lives to it. Those who take themselves away from their comfort zone and really do something different, something different, that makes you go... "...Wow."

  • Who I think should win: I'm really torn up between Steve Carell and Eddie Redmayne, they did such amazing jobs with their characters. And they delivered what I think the Academy is always looking for.
  • Who will (probably) win: Apparently it will all go down head to head between Eddie Redmayne and Michael Keaton (according to news, just to clarify.)
  • Who has chances on winning: Benedict Cumberbatch

Best Actress, these years nominees are surprising me. To be honest, we have Marion Cotillard, Felicity Jones, Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Moore and (my personal favourite) Rosamund Pike.

I'll lay down everything right now, I only saw 3 out of 5 of the movies, I'm not such a huge fan from Cotillard since she betrayed Batman but also because I couldn't find that damn movie!

Now, let's talk of what I saw...

Julianne Moore: Still Alice... what the hell can I say about her? She was brilliant, she performed this part of a linguistics teacher who discovers she suffers from Alzheimers in early stage and has to find herself dealing with losing herself, losing her memories, not knowing what to do. Julianne Moore takes upon herself to really make you understand what it might be like, to have to go through something like that.

Felicity Jones: The Theory of Everything... My god! Can I start saying that Felicia (from TASM2) really has come far? And look! Without Mr. Osborn's help. Way to go, Felicia!

(Round of applause for you!)

Going back to our business, Felicity plays the role of Hawking's wife. She is both charming and strong in her part, she shows how strong she really was when Stephen was told he had 2 years to live and she decided to spend every minute with him, because she loved him, because she wasn't going anywhere. She showed herself loving towards her family and husband when she stood by his side during 29 years, took decisions that saved his life and raised 3 wonderful children's with him. I had my doubts as to why she was nominated, really. But every time I think I might have those doubts again I think of this.

Reese Witherspoon: Wild... Taking place on 1995, Witherspoon plays the role of Cheryl Strayed. She's a divorced woman, whose mother just died and generally just feels her life isn't going as it's supposed to. She's haunted by a life full of addictions, reckless living and the ghost of her mother, with all these things she decided in a impulsive decision to start a travel for around 1,700 through the Pacific Crest Trail, a travel thats brings her self discovery, peace and above all-- healing.

Rosamund Pike: Gone Girl... Where the hell can I start!? Oh! I know! Okay. Her performance was fucking amazing. Amazing Amy, to be honest. Rosamund delivered a performance so unbelievable creepy, strong and ultimately crazy. I mean, I was rooting for her during the whole movie. Her eyes held so much expression, I mean, it was truly amazing and I loved every second of watching her on screen. She did an amazing job and she could really have possibilities for a win.

  • Who I think should win: Rosamund Pike. All the way.
  • Who will (probably) win: Julianne Moore, cause her part as Alice was amazing and she made you feel empathy, pain, so many emotions that I have to say, I cried with her part.
  • Who has chances on winning: Rosamund Pike.

Best Supporting Actor. In this category, is full of variety. We have Robert Duvall as the conflictive character in The Judge, that I gotta say, my respects to Mr. Duvall; we also have Ethan Hawke, in what a think is a great character, if not one of the top 3 best, character development in history in Boyhood. J.K Simmons, jesus fucking christ, man! I hated your guts! I wanted to murder you for being suck a dickhead and that's why you're here! Kudos!; Mark Ruffalo's character on Foxcatcher was merely there, he's Dave Schultz and he's the older brother of Channing Tatum's Mark. He was protective of his brother and acted strong and decided when he needed to, when his family needed him to be. Edward Norton nomination has me clueless, why did he got a nomination? For a boner? Yes, he was straight forward, direct and crazy and if he is nominated for those things, for delivering such a crazy part, then okay. Go. However is not a part I think deserves a part on this year's nominations. Sorry.

  • Who I think should win: J.K Simmons. Do I need to say more?
  • Who will (probably) win: J.K Simmons. That's about it. (He has won every single thing! And! And! He was amazing, there's no discussion about it.)
  • Who has chances on winning: Ethan Hawke.

Best Supporting Actress. America's Sweetheart' Meryl Streep finds herself yet again nominated on this year's oscars, this time for his role in Into The Woods; Patricia Arquette, a nominee, the Academy seems to love and I do too for her role in Boyhood; Laura Dern earned her spot with her part in Wild, as the "ghost" mother of Reese Witherspoon; Keira Knightley gives life to Joan Clarke, an English cryptanalyst and numismatist best known for her work as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park during World War II, Knightley does an extraordinary work in bringing her work to life in The Imitation Game; Emma Stone, as Edward Norton, has me clueless as to why she is nominated, she just made a few witty remarks, her performance didn't shone as a few other from the rest of the cast and didn't had that much time on screen; and whatever little time she had wasn't taken advantage of, except to apparently get advantage of Edward Norton character's boner on stage.

  • Who I think should win: Patricia Arquette, cause she was amazing, I loved her part and how she played it on screen. It was... real and that was what the movie was about.
  • Who will (probably) win: Patricia Arquette, the Academy loves her.
  • Who has chances on winning: Meryl Streep could surprise us as she did on her part as Margaret Thatcher on Iron Lady a couple years ago. (Cause that was lame, I hated that movie, so slow, so... meh. She has done better.) and honestly you never know.

And finally, Best Movie. This is probably the most un-predictive category ever. This year is full of amazing movies, filled with amazing performances. Geez, personally, this has been the toughest category for me to pick a winner from.

We have a list that goes from: Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), Selma, American Sniper, The Imitation Game, Whiplash and The Theory of Everything.

I can't say enough about this year's nominees. It's amazing the amount of talent there is and I could rant on what makes each movie so unique and why they all deserve and earned their spot here.

But I'm not doing that.

So, without further delay.

  • Who I think should win: Boyhood. Because as I had mentioned before, if the Academy is looking for commitment from a film, what better proof than a 12 year commitment to a movie that shows a story so full of what life really is. The story of a boy and the lives of everyone around him, how life goes through his eyes and portrayal on that on the screen is what makes Boyhood a truly deserving movie of an Oscar, specially the Best Movie oscar.
  • Who will (probably) win: It's been said on social networks that it all comes down to Boyhood and Birdman. So, I think I have a %50 chance to be right.
  • Who has chances on winning: The Theory of Everything. Because, c'mon. Let's be honest.

But I could be wrong. So, we shall see how it all goes down.


Who do you think will rise with the Oscar for Best Movie?

Who are your picks for tonight?


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