ByAidan McKenna, writer at
Aidan McKenna

Nightcrawler is a fantastic movie. It embodies how everyone nowadays is obsessed with money, while others are only obsessed with fame. And Jake Gyllenhaal gives the best (that's saying a lot I know) performance of his career. I mean, you couldn't even call him the same person. So when I heard that Nightcrawler didn't get nominated for an Oscar, I was a bit of a mix of angry, and confused. I know, it sounds like I'm obsessed with the movie. But that's not a bad thing, really. And I know, it got nominated for Best Original Screenplay, and the screenplay's fantastic, don't get me wrong, I just thought it deserved a bit more than that, you know? And I know this article is short, and it may not make sense, but don't worry about that. For now, let's just hope that Nightcrawler wins Best Original Screenplay.

Here's the screenplay, in case you want to read it:


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