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So last night the wife and I sat down to watch Episode 16 of [Gotham](series:1127075), A show that so far in my opinion has hit just about every mark i was hoping for in this early stage...

In this particular episode though we were introduced to a young man by the name of Jerome, Jerome works with the circus that has come to town. We shortly find out that his mother has been murdered presumably by one of the circus families.

Is Jerome the Joker???
Is Jerome the Joker???

I know what your thinking 'Haldon why so serious??'. Well I am glad you asked.

Sometime ago when this fine series began show-runner Bruno Heller stated that he would hint and tease at a possible Origins story for Master Of Madness that is The Joker. We had this in the form of of the comedian in Fish Mooney's club in the early episodes. However it would seem that due to some great ratings and positive feedback from the fans and critics alike... This has prompted the creators to 'Possibly move forward on a Joker origin' I put this in air quotes because it aint confirmed.

What i will say though, If this is the Joker... My God they have made possibly there best casting choice so far. The scene when he is being interrogated by Jim Gordon was equal parts Genius mixed with Crazy Scary, I had tingles in my spine when this kid did the reveal.

Add to this Cameron Monaghan is coming into this show off the back of Showtimes Shameless the US remake of our UK show. He is excellent in that show and comes into this as a scene stealing son of a bitch. I wont lie there did seem to be hints of Heath Ledger and Jack Nick in his performance but I don't see this as a bad thing. The kid has some serious acting chops and is maybe a little too strong an actor for Gotham but I for one think that... If this character is the origins of Joker I am more than happy a this casting choice!!!.

Just watch this clip to set aside any doubt...

So as you can see he is perfect and this is undoubtedly the scene of the season. I personally think this scene alone will guarantee a second season and i for one find myself hoping for more from Cameron.

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